Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back to the drawing board once again . . .

I don't know if anyone has missed regular posts from Henningsen Happenings but I have missed writing them!!  It takes a creative mind to be a blogger I believe.  When I was going strong it changed the way I viewed every event of every day.  I looked at the simple and obvious with new eyes.

So as we start a new month and summer finally arrives . . . I vow to take a look through those eyes once again . . . 

Plans for June July and August include:

     Vacation with granddaughter at our house for a week!  More to come . . . 

     Summer Reading Program - plus two week long readathons . . . one done
               One of my focuses for 2014 - READ more

     Be active . . . walks . . . bike rides . . . swim . . . 
               One of my focuses for 2014  - EXERCISE 

     Bible Study with Rebecca - The Search for Significance . . . Time in prayer
               One of my focuses for 2014 - WORSHIP

That's my short bucket list . . . nothing like the spring mop and bucket list I had to get ready for summer . . . remember the yard and the garage and the patio and flowers . . . done done done and done.  So now I resolve to rest and enjoy.

My job has been extra busy as of late . . . another focus of 2014 that I have not taken the time to work on . . . in much need . . . is my WORK . . . the place that pays me and my bills!    I plan to take some time this summer to reflect on this and come up with a plan!    To make it better!

Hubs and I plan to take a trip to the mountains with our granddaughter who has not been there even if we have to stretch it into early Autumn . . . A trip to see our son in Texas or meet somewhere in between . . . and I'm going on a trip by myself to stay overnight with my sister in southeast Nebraska . . . I haven't told her yet . . . but we have much to do and much to discuss . . . I want to spend some time in the country.

To summarize my summer . . . READ, RELAX, REST.    Be thankful.



  1. i was visiting with Tami a few moments ago and wanted to drop by and catch up. I do think that we have the exact same lawn mower, which i really do need to make use of shortly.

    I think that much of my summer will be spent getting daughter ready to go away for University and the rest will be spending as much time with her as possible.

    1. That's an interesting time of life - sending out children off to college - enjoy your summer with her! I enjoyed those days.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. And you are welcome to come to the country any time. :)

    1. Thanks! Sitting around the new fire pit or around the kitchen table - sounds like a wonderful retreat!


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