Sunday, May 18, 2014

Progress BOB!

And with not much time to spare!  Crazy, tiring week at work and a busy weekend of family celebrations = not much read.  But that's okay because family and work come first.  Today is Sunday and I have settled in twice with a cup of coffee to read on my book Snow Melts in Spring.  

Goals?  I had 3 and you can check them out here.  They were:  

Read one book this week - - - maybe today??

Involve and share reading with another person - - - Granddaughter is reading along with me.

Lastly, to learn some new ways and habits to incorporate more reading time - - - TV is off or at least has sound turned off.  I'm addicted to it being on I believe.  The other part of my plan is to learn to power it down for the evening about 9 p.m. with shower and reading til sleep.    When I was raising my kids that was always my plan - to have the kids bathed and tucked safely into bed and asleep so that from 9-10 p.m. I could watch my favs:  Dallas, Knots Landing, or Falcon Crest, 20/20 or Hillstreet Blues.  

Now to take part in the challenge for today - rename your book - I'm not sure how to do that in five chapters but I will give it a shot - - - Love in the Flint Hills of Kansas - - - sounds like a good read huh!!  So far in Snow Melts in Spring a young talented country vet has a secret that hasn't been shared yet about loss in her life or business - - - she is taking care of a severely injured horse - - - pressured by her dear friend to do so - - - afterall the horse belongs to his NFL Star Quarterback son who picked football over cowboying and has left some hurts behind him on that ranch.    The two meet and the story is off . . . I'm enjoying it  . . . I think it will be one I can't put down til finished - so who knows I may finish today.  

Enjoyed the readathon - thanks so much to the gals for sponsoring it!!

So fun to join in with other readers each night after work - and to hear their progress!

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