Sunday, July 27, 2014

If at first you don't succeed . . .

Half of 2014 is officially over and I have a few of my "focus areas" that need some work.  To refresh your memory - check this post and then continue reading as I enlist the hubs to once again get back to movin' and getting stronger and more fit!   There are sooooo many reasons that all of us need to be serious about staying active and being strong.  It's not just for the young who want to build muscle and look great on the beach or in the gym or who want to win competitions . . . it's critical for optimal health in the 30's 40's and as we are finding out . . . the 50's.    Use Google - check it out for yourself . . . I'll leave that to each individual and their own physician to recommend a program.  Here is what Clay and I have decided we will do:

     1.  No food eaten after 8 p.m. 

     2.  Healthy portions.  Healthy food.

     2.  Limit eating out at restaurants to once a week.

     3.  Exercise 5 days out of 7.

     4.  Bible reading daily.

     5.  Once a week do something fun together - not including the meal we can eat out.

Nothing earth shattering or surprising in that plan.   We each have a weight that we are wanting to achieve - I will lose 40 pounds and hubs will lose 25.  

The exercise will vary - I love to bike ride - I love to swim - I like to walk, play catch, clean house, and water flowers.   Those are my activities of choice.  I also like Bocce ball and working out on the fitness machines.  I have a treadmill and a gym membership.  Beloit offers many walking paths - awesome swim pool with lazy river - and plenty of places to hike.  

Clay does mega-walking in his job - - - He loves to golf - - - He will use the treadmill - - - and he has a gym membership.  

I know that I will need to start slow and I challenged my sister, Tami to a week of fun activities to get us moving.  Tami has been a success story in losing and keeping off a significant amount of weight.  She is active around their farm with gardening, and yard work, walking, jogging, and man-handling a large dog on a walk . . . known as the BDW (big dog walk).  

So here we go . . . and if you would like to join in the fun this week . . . please follow along  - - - here is our exercise routine for Week #1:

Choose five activiies from these seven and do any day you choose!

Activity #1 - Take a hike in the countryside - at least one mile of walking.  Take 3 pictures to share via your blog.  (Clay's will be shared on my blog)

Activity #2 - Swim or Bike Ride or Golf (If you chose to ride along with hubs - take your hand weights and you are required to do hand/arm exercises at every other hole!   Yes I've done this before!

Activity #3 - Walk 1.5 miles and do strength training for arms of your choice.  

Activity #4 - Play catch with baseball.  Keep it going for 20 minutes.  

Activity #5 - Walk 1.5 miles on a walking path - or country road - or around your farm!  Do the BDW!!

Activity #6 - It's all about the tummy today:  
                               Put on your favorite music - make it loud
                               15 jumping jacks
                               15 sit ups
                               15 bicycles
                               15 leg lifts
                               Repeat once!

Activity #7 - You choose!!!  Anything you'd like to get your exercise for the day!

Unfortunately for those of you who are more advanced in your ability to move . . . I have made this a beginners pace as Clay and I need to not get discouraged.  My hope is that we can all have fun with it - and that's the key!!  

Side note:  I am going to have my blood work done for a cholesterol panel and I am going to see my chiropractor.  These are two areas that I have been negligent with for quite a long time now.  

Hubs will be monitoring blood pressure as he had a few readings that were too high when last at the drs. office. 

How about you?  Please feel free to share in your blog the choices for exercise you picked here and what other things you may be trying in order to live a healthier and happier life!

Let's get moving!

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