Thursday, July 31, 2014

Virtual Book Tour: The Songbird of Sovereign by Jennifer Wixson

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The Songbird of Sovereign is the third book in a series by Jennifer Wixson called The Sovereign Series.  This is my first book review and I have been excited to give it a try.  As I began to read this month I was drawn into the story for several reasons.  I first read about Addie and Pappy Russell.  Addie was a 55 year old farm wife - hard working farm wife I might add - and she had arthritis.  She and Pappy had been married 37 years.  (Loved it!  Clay and I have been married 37 years, I am 55, and yes I have arthritis!)

This made me think as I read the rest of the story . . . what is it that catches your interest and lights your fire for a book?  It can be something like I mentioned above - a certain character who shares your age - maybe your interests - or maybe your name?  It could be the home that is featured in the story.  And one of my favorites is when I fall in love with the setting of the story - especially a town.

The Sovereign Series are all about a little town in Maine named, Sovereign.  My bucket list includes traveling to the east coast and staying near the ocean so I was thrilled to discover these books.  I have the first two books, Hens and Chickens and Peas, Beans and Corn, all lined up on my virtual shelf on my Kindle!  Reading them out of order but very anxious to get started!

A little glimpse into the story goes like this:  Jana Hastings is the star of the show.  I had no idea, that the disease of Tuberculosis was so devastating!  I have always taken that little TB skin test I used to get at work as a minor little test of inconvenience.  Jennifer Wixson opened my eyes to the dread of that disease that put fear into all people in its day.  At the beginning of the book, Jana is diagnosed and taken to Windmere Sanatorium in central Maine.  She quickly learns the "groups" that the children are placed into according to their prognosis.  Some, like Jana, have hopes of a cure, but some do not.  I was floored to learn that some of those children would spend their lives there.  How naive I can be . . . I quickly thought of my own parents - born in 1935 and 1936 - they too were at risk for this devilish disease as the antibiotic did not come around until the 1940's.    The story continues with Jana making friends and meeting a young boy who she quickly finds a special place for in her heart.    As the story of the two families - the Russells and the Hastings unfolds - it is interestingly intertwined with modern day characters and their story line.    Jumping between the 1940's and 2013 - - - we hear the story of Miss Jana Hastings through the eyes of the town's minister, Maggie.  And we get to meet Jana who is present day age 89!

Once again the most unusual events in the story caught my interest.  The dawning of World War II.  My son in law is a history teacher and I have hundreds of history type questions that I fire at him regularly.  I was thrilled to share with him the part about President Roosevelt and the differing opinions people had of his involvement with bringing us into that war.  My heart ached for the mothers and fathers who feared for their sons as the war loomed ahead.  

I highly recommend the series of books.  Jennifer Wixson does a fantastic job of descriptive writing and certainly has a talent for developing characters that you quickly love!    Now on to books #1 and #2 . . . 

Lastly, if you would like to have a chance to win your very own copy of The Songbird of Sovereign please leave a comment below and tell me . . . what is it about a book that can clinch the deal for you?  Keep you reading and not wanting to put down a book . . . Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. You don't need to put me in the drawing since I have all three books in the series, but thanks for the great review. I hadn't thought about what it is that keeps me reading. I have had a string of books that I've put down lately, and most of the time it's because there is no "tension" - no problem that needs to be worked out, no mystery to solve, no question like"Will they get back together? or even "Will she win the blue ribbon at the fair?" This book made me want to see how Miss Hastings got from the girl in the sanatoreum in the 1940's to the beloved teacher in current day.


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