Friday, July 25, 2014

Puppy Tales (Tails)

Introducing Liberty - Libby for short.  Libby was born on the 4th of July - at the same time that we were saying goodbye to our BT Dodger of 11 years - - - This is the craziest thing - me and a dog - because I was raised in a home with no dogs - never wanted one - never planned to own one - said no to my son for 11 years and watched him "play dog" "dream of dogs" "Look at books and pick out dogs" until one day - - - we got a call from the local vet where our brother in law worked - and they had a free BT puppy with a bent ear.  So we got him.     Later Clay's mom Janice recorded in her diary that Todd said "it's the best day of my life"  

Pepper and I did not fare real well together for awhile - he threw up a lot - I yelled a lot - he threw up more - and on and on.    He was a great family pet - and I've written about this as well as the next BT Dodger.  Dodger's purpose in life was to refill the empty nest . . . he did it well . . . and then some.

So how I got from the nervous and unhappy puppy mother to the one pictured above - is just kinda funny to me - - - I like the companionship and having someone to take care of.  And I heard it said best this last week - - - "Dogs bring out the best in people."  

I agree.

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  1. She is adorable! It has surprised me to watch you grow into a dog lover and I agree with you about the companionship they can provide. Can't wait to meet Libby.


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