Saturday, October 18, 2014


One of the fun parts of the readathon is the mini-challenges so graciously provided by so many readers!

Kay @ Dead Book Darling is hosting this hour's challenge to show off your favorite, most valuable or most interesting books:  "The unique, signed or simply dear-to-your-heart editions that you’d grab if there were a fire."  

I went down stairs to take a picture of my Janette Oke collection of Christian pioneer stories called Women of the West series and discovered a surprise:

I read these back in the l980's and I was always transformed to the simpler ways of keeping house that our dear pioneer women lived through.  The Calling Of Emily Evans holds the spot of my favorite ever book.  

Then  . . .  as I passed by the "children's book shelf" I thought Oh My - - - that's where some of my real favs are!!!

Key to the Treasure was the first book I ever received in my childhood book club that mom let me join. A new book every month or so.  Always loved The Bobbsye Twins, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys as a young girl - read them all with my BFF Dee back then.  The 1960's.  Key to the Treasure was the first book I ever bought.

The next book goes back to my childhood really - The Real Mother Goose - - - we three girls had this book and I'm not sure if this is that book or if I bought one for my own kids - - - I believe that this belongs to my kids.  My kids did not appreciate this book the way that I did . . . I poured over page after page of nursery rhymes . . . was enthralled with them!  Kids now days don't do nursery rhymes do they??

The Curious Little Kitten was my daughter Casey's favorite read to me book - - - I still remember without peaking today that the little kitten tried and tried to get over the fence in her back yard - - - and when she eventually did - - - a big dog was on the other side!  The Animals Christmas Eve and Big Birds Red Book were my favorites to read to the kids.  And lastly, Benji, The Fastest Dog in the West was my son Todd's favorite book to check out at the library.  In fact, we would return it . . . look through all the books . . . and he would recheck out Benji every time.  Must have had a nice librarian who understood boys and their dogs!

This was a fun challenge - sometimes I regret not spending more time reading to my kids - but when I reflect at the four shelf book case full of kids's books - and especially going right to these favorites - I'm reminded - hey I didn't do so bad!!

Happy Reading of YOUR old favs!

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  1. Great selections to show off. I should have guessed about the Jeanette Oke books, but I didn't know the stories about your kids' favorites.


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