Sunday, October 27, 2013

Business Bug has Bit ...

A good friend/sister recently said about me, "you always seem to enjoy having a little job on the side".  And she is of course right.

I guess it started as a child - I loved to sell "seeds" every spring to earn a special prize for myself.  One time I earned a watch.  I don't remember what magazine this came out of but I did it several years.  You could either take money for yourself - or order a prize.   This is what I remember:

Then I picked up the door to door selling or "home party" fun again in the late 1970's  when I began to sell Tupperware.  I got started on it by a lady I babysat for.  I also worked parttime at my present job but I loved Tupperware and loved setting up and hosting a party.

That was short lived and then I began working fulltime - raising a family - and we jump forward to 2009.  I told my bff that I thought I'd sell Avon.  She, being a long time Pampered Chef consultant said "oh no you don't - you should sell Pampered Chef!"  So I did!  I learned a lot from this little hob job - I learned more about cooking - about nutritious meals - about economical meals - the difference between nonstick skillets and stainless steel - and I even pretty much mastered cooking with a stainless steel skillet which I still love!  Did I make any money?  Probably not - you see the fun part was how interested my family seemed to be.  Although the hubs called it Pampered Crap - I could tell he secretly enjoyed my interest in this.  Our two children seemed very interested also - in both the products and the fact I helped them stock their kitchens  - and also pride in their mother that she had "her own business".

Soon - - by 2011 my job had become very busy and demanding.  I was learning all kinds of new things at work and lost my drive to keep up the business of PC after hours.

If you want to check out The Pampered Chef - see Rebecca at her website.                                                
Maybe you might say - I'm a little flakey??   Don't stick with things??  You would be right.  But its okay.  I figure I have learned some things from each endeavor.

So - - - here we are two years later in 2013 and guess what??  Avon came back into my life.  I hired a lady to work in our department at work and she was an Avon lady - she quickly got us all hooked on the make up and perfumes and we had our own little beauty consultant!  What fun that was!  One night I just decided I would click and pay 10 dollars and sign up myself.   So for the next couple of months I began the process of switching the products I normally use - over to Avon products.  Just to see if it could be done.  I really enjoyed the products and I liked the idea of taking care of my skin, hair, and nails, at my age.

But again - I decided - well I have no customers and this is kinda silly - I can just order from my friend at work - - - so I stopped placing orders.  Avon is very patient - but they will drop you after several "campaigns" of not ordering.   I'm not sure why but I really missed getting the products and then a new perfume came out for the holidays - beautiful bottle - and yummy rich scent! Passion!  I decided that this time I should re-register and be "under" my coworker - she would be my boss!  And the business I come up with will also help her!  Win-Win!!

By this time you might be shaking your head and smiling.

I'm officially back in business and with a plan.  Avon is online so I can build clients that way and also I will introduce myself to all my new neighbors on Highland Street and see if I can get them as excited as I am about Avon products - after all - all women have to have make up right? and body lotion?  So why not Avon!   I will not be selling to my coworkers - they belong to my Avon director who got there first!

I plan to have fun with it and be creative in ways to sell.  Avon is affordable and I feel like the quality is really in line with other name brand cosmetics.  I asked my husband what he would call my new business??  He hasn't answered me yet :)  But he did agree to drive me to The Avon Store in Salina yesterday so I could just soak up the whole shop!  Selling Avon is just the complete opposite to my full-time job that I go to every day and I think that is what I like about my little "side-shows".

What experiences have you had in owning your own little business?  Have you ever thought that your hobby could become your business?  I know many creative craft ladies and quilters out there who love to spend time with this - could it become a profit for you?

Maybe not - but I'll let you know how this works for me - and so put the coffee on - I might show up at your door - - - ding dong . . . Avon calling . . .

Check out my personal online store!  Lots of Christmas ideas!  

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  1. I remember selling seeds and Christmas cards when we were kids. I loved it - and looking through the prize catalog to decide what to get was the best part. :)

    I don't share your love for having a side-business, but it's always fun to see what you do with it. I think your Avon parties, etc, will be fun and a good stress relief for you.

    Ding-Dong - Avon calling! :D


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