Friday, November 15, 2013

Today I Noticed . . .

Welcome back to my blog family and friends . . .

A few weeks ago I was driving down the street from work and I noticed something and it caught my attention and it was just a special moment where I thought to myself - ahhh I never NOTICED that before . . . for the life of me . . . I cannot remember what it was that hit me and I said to myself - that would be a great blog idea - - - listing things that I notice!!

So here goes - and even though I can't remember the unique thing that inspired my new post idea - I have decided to call it "Today I Noticed"

And so every Friday I will be back to share with you!

Today I noticed . . .

Wearing a ring on my right hand . . . which I never do - - - feels totally awkward!  Why is that?  First of all my right hand ring finger is larger than my left side - so most rings won't fit - but this week I found a ring that became too loose on my left hand and fits rather nicely on the other.  All day it knocked against my fingers - and felt uncomfortable.  Since I am one who likes to feel "comfortable" as you remember from this post - - - I guess I just won't be a decorated two handed ring person.  Bummer.

That going into work at 6:30 a.m. is very nice and conducive to getting organized for the day before the busy-ness of it takes over.

What I learned in early grade school about the 26 letters called the alphabet and alphabetical order and the numbers 1-10 that I became aware of in first grade or before - would stay with me for life and be EVER so important for so many reasons.    Not everyone was present in class the day I learned such things, evidently.  I'll say no more.

Meeting new people and learning about a new business is very good for a 54 year old mind - - - I am having a great time with my new business of selling Avon and met some wonderful women this week at my first district meeting.

This is what I noticed this week folks . . . crazy and random I know . . .

I'd love to hear from you - - - What did YOU notice this week?

Take notice of whats in front of you cause did I mention you're about to miss a good thing...



  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment on this post. My phone has issues with leaving comments. I love this idea! As always, I'm stealing it. :) It's amazing the things we see everyday or experience everyday that we don't notice. I'm paying attention to see what I notice today and I'll report in tomorrow.

    1. Can't wait to see what you discover!


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