Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel Wrap-Up

In 2014 I decided to focus on 7 areas of my life - instead of making particular "resolutions".

Travel was on the list . . .

We have always traveled to see our kids - our son in Texas and our daughter in Topeka.  Those are the places we visit most, with a few trips to see my sister in Nebraska.

I knew that we had our Caribbean trip coming up and that was when I decided to put traveling on my list of things to improve on . . . 

I would give the trip 5 stars but I would give my packing skills 2 stars.  As I mentioned in earlier posts the lines at the Punta Cana airport were long long long.  I wore myself and hubs out with our carry-on bags!  I had a fear of my luggage not making it clear to the Dominican Republic with me.  So I thought it very clever to load my overnight bag with clothes, swim suit, shoes, etc. just in case!   I had a beautiful new purse given to me by my son and his wife for Christmas - with the trip in mind - - - but it was loaded down also!  

So - when traveling my Lesson #1 learned is to travel light - take the least amount of items you can.

For instance - - - here is what I would take if packing again for the same trip:

One suitcase to check at airport with:

1.  2 pair of casual/sports shorts with tanks/tops to match.
2.  One nightgown.
3.  One swimming suit and cover up.
4.  Two pairs of capris/shirts to match.
5.  One sundress.
6.  One pair each - tennis shoes, flip flops.
7.  Curling iron.
8.  Make-up bag with toiletries - including deodorant, face soap, face lotion, body lotion. 
9.  Sunscreen, hat or visor.
10. One light fragrance.
In a small SMALL back pack to carry with me at all times and on the plane:

1.  Billfold/drivers license
2.  Chapstick and gum.
3.  One book.
4.  Pen and paper.
5.  Cell phone with charger.
6.  Sun glasses.

Also - Hubs will do the same - check one suitcase and carry-on his back pack.  
He brings the flight plans, passports and ipads/chargers.

That my dear friends is all you need to spend 5 days/4 nights at a resort on the beach.  

You may laugh that I have spent the time to tell you how to pack your suitcase - - - I just wish I had thought it through for myself this time.  Although it didn't ruin a wonderfully fun trip, I can just imagine how much easier life could have been on traveling days!  

That is it for my first lesson learned about travel . . . but oh wait . . . since I am already planning our next bon voyage . . . I found out today from a seasoned traveler that Triple A can handle all of the details for you - - - and since the next time we take a trip we will be on our own - - - I was thrilled to learn about this option!  Call them up - - - give them your list of specs on your trip - - - and they find just what you want!

Hubs says we are going to New York City to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 11, 2017.    I plan to get a little help from these folks for that trip! 

Travel often, travel smart, travel light . . . 

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  1. Your adventure sounds amazing! And thanks for the travel tips. The last time we flew, I tried to be the carefree, experienced traveler - and we did well at not overloading our carry-ons. But i still found myself reverting to my over-zealous planning ways that sucked a lot of fun out of trips we took with our kids. It's certainly easier to be carefree with just the two of us, but wish I hadn't been so glued to my plan back then.

    I also need to remember not to buy more souviniers than I can fit in my suitcase for the return flight - and Dave should remember not to take a 5 lb. Stephen King novel to read on the way :)

    Thanks for the AAA info. I didn't know that was available, but I will take advantage next time.


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