Sunday, April 27, 2014

Readathon Wrap-Up

Sad face.  Readathon is through for another six months.

I had a great day Saturday, April 26th and although I didn't produce great "stats" I did learn some new things and found several new blogs to follow.  

     1.  I love learning about books - I know very little - I just learned the word "genre" when I started with the readathon several years ago - yes - - - I'm not ashamed to admit that either.    So I was very happy to do the mini-challenge that taught us about first editions of books and how to tell what edition you were reading.    It's a wonderful feeling to learn new things at 55!!   Kudos to all of the challenge providers!  

     2.  I met a new friend from Barcelona, Spain!  She commented on my post!  Spain!!  She encouraged me to use audio books as a way to continue the reading/listening if you have to run and do a task - like laundry or lunch!    She too shared in my wonderment that 800+ people were joining us that very day to read!  I am following Camilla from Spain!!

     3.  Lastly, I was pleased that my hubs always supports my "readathon weekends"  He himself does not read that much - but he seems to "get it" that I look forward to Dewey's every six months - - - and he plays along . . . 

Thank you to the ones of you who work so hard to put this all together!!  I appreciate it all!  Thank you cheerleaders and challengers and prize givers!!  Until October . . . 

          Elaine enjoying her books from our library

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