Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring has sprung . . .

Or so I wish . . .

(Began this post four days ago . . . )

Today is dreary cold - but yesterday - and this was no April fools - was very nice!   April 1 and I expect to be thinking spring and for the Henningsen's that means we get out the notorious "Get your place ready for summer" list.   It looks like this:

     1.  Clean big shed.
     2.  Clean little shed. (Organize wood supply for planned Spring fires in the firepit)
     3.  Clean up dog house.
     4.  Add more sand or chat (I asked about artificial turf - answer was "Oh God No")
          to Roy's pen.
     5.  Sweep and hose down patio.
     6.  Paint picnic table.
     7.  Clean garage.
     8.  Trim roses.
     9.  Paint hall closet.
    10. Add rock to drive. (A story I won't tell here)
    11. Plant flower pots.
    12. Wash outside windows.
    13. Buy new grill or fix old one.
    14. Clean old grill.
    15. Relax and enjoy my favorite season of the year!!

I'm old school and I have the above list written down on paper.  

Hubs is more techy than me and he has his list on his iPhone.   It looks like this:

     1.  Mow and clean up yard.  (Task completed 4-1-14)
     2.  Spray for bugs.
     3.  Spray for weeds.
     4.  Add sand to Roy's pen.
     5.  Add rock to driveway.
     6.  Add mulch around base of trees.  (Cuz everyone on the block does)
     7.  Take down satellite. (on top of house when we bought it not in use)
     8.  Fix front water faucet.
     9.  Fix electric cords on back of house.
    10. Build fence.
    11. Clean out dads apartment.      

I would say that for the most part, we are in agreement about what needs to get done wouldn't you?  

I love this time of year as each chore is crossed off the list and the place starts to come alive - I have mentioned in previous posts that I have always wanted a patio - and even though I have had more of a "back porch" until now - it has always been one of my favorite spots to read, drink tea, and just sit and look around.   Now we have a patio - and I love my outdoor space!  The red picnic table that my dad built us over 30 years ago is still the main focal point - it has been repainted and reboarded several times - but recently we brought it back to the original colors of black base and red boards.  A fire pit given to us by Dave and Tami is my next favorite thing and I can't wait to bring it out and enjoy some cool spring nights by a fire.    I purchased red lawn chairs and a red bird wind chime - to remind me of the red bird we named the first year in our new home . . . Ozzie.  I have a flag holder to fly the Red, White and Blue during the summer months . . . are you seeing a color theme yet?  Finishing out the patio with some blue planters and this year a try at something new I saw on Pinterest - - - painting the large plastic pots Red!    Add red geraniums and sweet potato ivy plus some white wave petunias and It's an American Celebration all summer long.   

This year hubs decided the ugly dead lilac bushes needed to come out and he will build a Henningsen Fence.  He is getting very good at HF's.  His first was built in Glen Elder and it was approximately 30 feet long . . . #2 was also about 30 feet long . . . who knew he had this ability?   So when we moved to Beloit and I needed a new patio fence - #3 came along and it was more like 20 feet possibly - but created my dream patio!  This #4 HF threatens to be the biggest job so far - - - depending on who wins the debate of where it should be placed. 

There is always that job of spraying for weeds and spiders and anything else that crawls except for two dogs of course.   

This kind of rounds out our plans for the spring - do you have any routines or rituals that you do in the spring time? 

I have learned to take it slow and do one job at a time.  To really appreciate when something is crossed off the list and to show great appreciation for each little step that is done.

Please leave a comment  - I can't wait to get new ideas! 

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