Friday, March 6, 2015

Sugar and spice...

And everything nice.... That's what most people are made of...

Going on vacation always reminds me of this good thing.  In our real worlds we or at least I tend to focus on the negative... The frustrating...the news on TV is usually about the mean, the hurt , and the stupid.    And as I set to travel I prepare myself to get away from these things and ignore people as much as possible.

Waiting to board a ride to downtown Puerto Vallarta, a couple from Nebraska struck up a conversation with us.  It quickly led to our kids we left behind at home and they "got it" how my huge sombrero sun hat and "fit over" shades were embarrassing to them.    Just kidding. Both of our kids understand my fair skinned dilemma.    Nice people.

Made a new friend last year on a trip to the Dominican Republic. We knew common people and so it was easy to spend time with her and her husband. Ran into them later in the year and so good to reconnect!  Traveling gave us a bond.  We are here in Mexico together now.  Nice people.

Here on the resort I have been treated with kindness and respect.  Of course that's the staff's job right?  

This morning on way to the ocean I was invited to play basketball with four nice native young men. I politely declined but they were serious and so kind.   Nice people.

Spent much time at the pool.   It would seem no one can tell how uncomfortable I can be in a swimsuit ...  Very nice man in hot tub asked about where we live and shared good advice for traveling to his home near Myrtle Beach.  A bucket list item for me!!  Nice person.

Is it just me that needs this reminder and affirmation that people are still mostly good?  Is that why we go on vacations?  Does anyone share my sentiments?


  1. Excellent post and excellent point! I love the line about "the mean, the hurt and the stupid" :D I'm borrowing that!

    But yes, we get so frustrated with regular life that sometimes we forget that people can still be good and caring and friendly. I think that is a big part of vacations - not just to see new places or experience new things - but to rejuvenate us for the "old" stuff. Maybe we will both return from our beach breaks with a new attitude and new faith in the good in people.

    1. Thanks for reading. Glad to hear you feel the same and look to vacations to regroup! So glad you are going soon.


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