Saturday, March 7, 2015

Three hour tour ...

Blogging by the beach is a new experience...

This week Clay and I got to take a trip sponsored by a specialty company tied with his job.   This morning is our next to last day. Hubs is out on a three hour tour ...  3 hour fishing tour that is but brought to mind ...

I'm spending a couple hours beach side alone in my thoughts.  
My sister says we sit for hours and stare at waves because we can.... 
And we can't in Kansas/Nebraska!!!

It's been fun to have a reason to blog again but it is my goal to keep it up with everyday thoughts and everyday feelings, experiences, with real life.

I'll write again before we leave beautiful Puerto Vallarta!  
Where would you go if someone else paid the bill?
Thanks again Verdesian!

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  1. Today I would go to Albuquerque to see my darling daughters!

    Most days I would pick a cottage on the coast of Maine.


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