Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Dog's Life ...

As I have shared, our recent move to Beloit was met with several challenges, mostly just the frustration of buying and selling homes at the same time and ultimately with much waiting on an ill-prepared, unorganized out of state bank to do their thing.  That was then . . . and we have moved on . . . I wondered well they always say that you learn patience and grace and wisdom during a time of waiting . . . I did not.  So I asked my husband - what was the blessing in all of this wait?  There was none.  Now that being said, don't get me wrong . . . we are very thrilled to be living here and as my previous "moving themed" blogs shared, I found many blessings in being here!  I thank God for His goodness to us.

Tonight as I went out to walk the big dog Roy and he walked or lumbered by my side at a nice comfortable pace just looking so happy and so healthy, I thought THIS is the blessing and THIS makes it all worth the wait . . . To have provided a better life for both of our boys (dogs) :).

The big dog was destined to be in his pen most all of his time - we did not have a fenced in yard and although we did use a 20 foot cable for him to roam - - - he was never content.  We had talked of finding a farm for him and it never seemed to be the right answer.  After all he loves us best.  He is so gentle in a strong and clumsy way.  It broke my heart that we didn't have more time to spend with him and a place for him to be free!

The little dog, Dodger, of course has had the life of Riley since day one and doesn't know any better - but he too has benefited greatly from being able to run in the back yard that is now fenced in to protect him. (He has not proven to be the smartest dog - very accident prone - so safety is rule #1 for him.)

Now as sappy as this may sound - - - and I've only been a crazy dog lover for the last 10 years - but I can put all of my frustration and anger of the past few months behind me as I stroll along with my newly trained and calmer dog and as I play fetch with them both in the back yard.  Watching then chase each other - Mutt and Jeff - does my heart such good.

God is good.  All the time.  This was all worth the wait . . .

Mom we love our big back yard but can't we come inside?

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