Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elk Festival and Hiking in the Meadows

  Day 3 started out with our return to RMNP for some hiking in Beaver Meadows.  Being a city girl I guess I never questioned exactly what a meadow was but Clay quickly gave me a topical geography lesson and I felt like I was Laura Ingalls for the rest of the morning, roaming through the meadows.  We hiked across the meadow and back into the trees which proved to be a good work out!  Lunch was a picnic at a beautiful little spot.   Time to check into our cabin and take a rest.  The Rustic River Cabins is actually in the Roosevelt National Park and has an interesting story.  The owners have only been in Colorado for 8 weeks.  They left their jobs in Houston, Texas (interesting huh?) and purchased the 16 acres and 8 little cabins that make up Rustic River Cabins.   I asked him why?  He said it was a life long dream to do this.  The little hideaway was on a river.  Complete with a hot tub that sat out by the river, individual grills and sitting areas, and a community fire pit.  I quickly decided that I needed to come back - with family.

After an afternoon nap we headed in to Estes for the Elk Fest!  This was comprised of tepees and tents filled with art work, jewelry, story tellers, Indian traditions, etc.  Also had our favorite fresh squeezed lemonade and funnel cakes - which we both refrained from indulging in.  Headed on down the streets of Estes with one goal in mind.  Wanted to find an elk to take home and sit on the book shelf.  The elk kind of represented our trip we felt.  Everywhere we went - elk went.  Or vice versa maybe?  

Ended our last day in the mountains with a trip to the hot tub, coffee by the river and a fire in the fireplace.  Oh and did I mention - my kind of rustic cabin had a great 32 inch flat screen TV with dish network!!  Blessing in day #3 had to go to the meadows and mountains again - God's amazing work.  I asked Clay, "How were mountains created, wasn't it two of the earth's plates shifting and bumping into each other, causing the ground to push up  creating the mountains?" and Clay said simply, "God created mountains."    And it was good.

View from "my front porch"
Rustic River Cabins 


  1. That Clay is a pretty deep guy! :) I love that you used the hot tub and did all that hiking. It sounds like such an awesome trip and great time for just the two of you.

    I think this would be a great location for a small family gathering - You, Clay, Dave, me and all the kids??

  2. It would be the perfect place for us to go together with our kids. We have to make this happen!


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