Monday, September 3, 2012


Everything is coming up Roses!!!

If you read along with me - you know that the purpose of my blog is to share my blessings.  I don't think the intention is to inspire others - I think the goal is for me to be aware every moment that I do have many things to be thankful for and blessings abound.

We recently bought a new home and moved to a new town.  Frustrations abounded with some of that - and still at this point are not all resolved.  I will share more about that in later posts.  But what a great God we serve.  All my life I have tried to raise roses - - - all kinds - and it was always a total disaster.  My roses never even made it through summer to see if they could be successfully "wintered" in Kansas.  I gave up.

Lo and behold, here at our new place - there are roses!  I figured they would not last.  The previous owner told us they bloom all summer, and I was hopeful in hearing that as he was a bachelor guy and I didn't think he did much gardening!  My husband says "you just have to water them and they will bloom".  So - - - in the middle of this midwestern drought - we watered the roses a little and fed them just a little Miracle Grow.    One by one they have bloomed.   First the red roses, then the yellow, and then the white!!  I love them!!  Then as I continued to water and feed - - - even the little dried up plants - we soon had another variety of red roses blooming and then a beautiful salmon colored - peach like!  And finally  - this morning I looked out and there all by itself stands a tiny tiny pink rose bud!   I have roses!!  I have to say it again - I have roses!

God remembers and cares about the things we desire - sometimes long after we have given up!  Roses are a blessing to me -

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