Friday, September 7, 2012

How Can This Be a Blessing???

At 53 and a half years of age I only remember three times in my life that I have regularly exercised.  Once when I had a small toddler and we rode bikes with him excitedly perched behind me in a bike seat;  secondly back in 2009 when some friends and I did our version of "Biggest Loser" and I took off 16 pounds that summer while riding my bike the equivalent of "Biking Across Kansas" mileage; and the present attempt that I am making.    My sister and author of Just One More Thing blog started a quest for weight loss in January of 2012 and I quickly joined in February.  The first few months for me were spent learning a little more about smart carbs and lean protein and cherishing a late night dessert with hot tea!  And the weight began to come off.  Somewhere along the way we added that wonderfully needed but oh so hated item - exercise!  

I'm not athletic.  But CAN walk.  Began with going back to the gym and walking on the treadmill.  I also really enjoy water aerobics.  Added weights again with 8-9 machines for arms and legs.  To really kick it up we decided to have our own Sister Olympics during the Summer Olympics.  We created our own list of events and we were off!  This was really fun to me and I was enthused to do some different kinds of activities such as jump roping, biking, playing catch, hiking, walking fast, walking long distance, dancing, golfing, etc.

This is the blessing in exercise!  It is not something to add to your to do list - although you had better - - - but it is a way of living - being an active person!  If I don't lose another pound I certainly have better quality of life by being adventurous and active!  I've even started golfing with my husband!  I can walk along, ride on cart, do hand weights between holes, sun tan, read a book, and yes even play a few holes of golf!  It has been fun to turn what was something my husband loved to do - but I stayed behind on - into something we can do together!

I see my next 25 years being spent living an active lifestyle and I get excited thinking about what opportunities are out there for me to try . . . here are a few of the things I want to try in my quest to become healthy!!

         Walk in a 5 K walk in public!
         Hike a trail!
         Bicycle 25 miles in one day.
         Walk a 15 minute mile.            
         Hit a baseball.
         Bench Press 50 pounds 25 reps!

I better get busy . . .

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  1. Very good goals! I'll join you in some of them - probably not the biking.:)


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