Monday, September 10, 2012

Where never is heard - a discouraging word

  "If you've invested enough effort and energy to get discouraged, you're well on your way to success. Discouragement is a certain weigh station on the road to any worthwhile achievement.
   If you know and care enough to be discouraged, you've made considerable progress. Learn what the discouragement has to teach you and then continue moving forward. It may seem as though you'll never make it, but in reality you're already there. Discouragement tempers and hardens you; it does not stop you.
   Reflect on your discouragement and you'll discover that it is a result of your commitment. You've already invested your time, your effort, your life. Soon, you'll reap the full reward of that investment. Let discouragement spur you on."

Walking is easy.  Weight machines fun.  Bicycling is awesome.  Eating right is even pretty much attainable.  Sounds like I have this weight loss/exercise thing pretty under control huh?  Then there's abs.  ABS.  Just one muscle group out of many that make up the human anatomy.  But not your easiest group to master!  I have yet to find even one exercise that I would consider fun or easy at all when it comes to tightening up the very lax stomach muscles!!  Experts will say that a good walking program will eliminate belly fat - and it's true - but when the body hits the magical 50+ years - - - those muscles have forgotten how to work and can be very well hidden behind some rather stubborn tummy well let's say it like it is - - - tummy fat.  After babies, poor posture, overeating, desk jobs, and scars from surgery - - - the above mentioned area gets very lax.  

As I mentioned in previous blogs - my sister and I continue on in our quest for a healthy lifestyle.  Getting a later start on the program,  I have found myself following in my sister's footsteps and learning from her.  It has been one of the best things we have ever done together!  She has worked hard to shed 50 pounds and I sit tonight here at 26 pounds that I never intend to see again.   

So why then did I find myself crying on my exercise mat while trying to do sit-ups???  My sister coach said she can do them by tucking her feet under the sofa or having her husband sit or stand on them for support.  So always up for a challenge I prepare to impress myself.  Nothing.  Not one inch could I move myself to sit up.    I could swing with both arms and manage to sit up - while grasping my left leg in pain.  But with the appropriate stance - hands behind head - - - Nothing.  Not one inch.  So the tears started.   I said to myself while hiding my face from my husband who was watching - - - "that's it - I'm done - I can't do this."     Discouragement big time!

Two days later with  a day off to rest - while at my daughters house I tried again and to my surprise found it just a little bit easier.   I thought to myself - I think I can do this slowly a few sit-ups at a time.    

I found a blessing in discouragement when I read the opening quote above.  I cared enough to sit on my mat and cry - - - and that tells me that I have worked hard!   It shows progress in my goals.  When you give up and walk away easily from a hard thing it means you weren't committed in the first place.      Break down the word dis....courage....meaning difficulty in having courage.  Being discouraged is a tool of measurement to use when you are trying to do something hard and very worthwhile, you have already put time and effort into it, and it is going to take time and patience.  So have courage always and pat yourself on the back for the hard work you have done  - - - and "be strong and take courage" Joshua 1:9.


Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there." Josh Billings


  1. What an amazing post! You have actually encouraged me by your discouragement - if that can happen. :) Believe me, I have had many moments of discouragement during this process - but you're right - it matters that I cared enough to feel that.

    Thanks for coming along on this journey and for allows making it easier and more fun.

  2. I apologize I could not find the author of the quote on discouragement.


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