Saturday, November 10, 2012

Girls night out ...

Nearly 54 and 76 years old and a new first!  My husband had a "stag" supper to go to last night and so I invited my mom to go to supper with me.  She came to Beloit about 6 p.m. and we went out to a very fancy meal at the local Dairy Queen!  We sat and talked and I said "would you like to come over and watch a Hallmark movie?"  And to my much surprise - she said sure!

Now some would think so what is the big deal - but for me it was an extra special night.  My mom has always lived within a half an hour from me - but still yet - we had never had a movie night just her and I.  Mom isn't big on TV - nor movies - so I was so excited!

Thankful every day - that I have my parents and they enjoy good health.  It's one of the biggest blessings - possibly #1 - that I have been given.

Praise The Lord for this and for Hallmark Holiday Movies!

So we broke out the decaf coffee and shared a Nutri-System dessert bar and enjoyed ...

Hallmark Movie Channel's  -  "Growing the Big One"

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