Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Roy runs free ...

The "Gray Ghost"

“When people visit my farm they often envision their dog, finally off-leash in acres of safely fenced countryside, running like Lassie in a television show, leaping over fallen tree trunks, shiny-eyed with joy at the chance to run free in the country . . . "
(author unknown)

Always looking for a quote that says just what I'm picturing and this one does it beautifully.  As of recently, I have started to let the big dog off his leash out in the country, to see if he would stay close by.  As much as I can say he has learned to "heel" he still occasionally gently pulls on me and it can at times feel like l00 pounds right on my lower back.   So...in a moment of frustration I hurled his leash in the air and I said just go for it Roy!  And surprisingly enough, he didn't stray very far from me. 

The next day I decided to nicely and rationally remove his leash as we got out of town and let him have free roam.  I kept talking to him and hollering for him from time to time but he lumbered up over the ditches and into fields, down the sides of the road, stopping to sniff and smell.  Then he would come running to catch up with me.  He didn't seem to notice cars and trucks that went by.  He certainly didn't try chasing any.  He did proudly bring me the leg of something . . . quite proud he was . . . and it entertained him a while, but then was soon left along the road side as he came running to catch up with me.

Soon a two mile walk was over for me and I felt much better knowing that Roy had also had a two mile walk/run and I could tell he came home tired and ready to chill.  No arguing when he got "home" and turned into his own yard. 

For a city girl who never "did" dogs until recently (amazing what happens to you when all of the kids leave home)and to have this big animal besides in my life - still amazes me. 
 Winter is coming so I fear that our walks won't happen as often and with the time change I know I'll have to take the "gray ghost" out before dark for fear I will lose him completely.  Weims are called that and it's fitting - their striking gray coat can blend totally in with the dusk and they disappear from sight! 

Grateful for a walk in the countryside and what animals bring to our lives.

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  1. I'm headed to do the same with my "big kid". Fun to watch them run and explore. And surprising how much they add to life.

    Glad Roy is getting some freedom.


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