Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No sew Pin It Do It project!

October Pin-It-Do-It Challenge . . . finishing up in November maybe??  I did have some delay in getting my second challenge finished up - but reporting in now that I am done!

For my second project in the October Pin-It Do-It Challenge started by Trish @ Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity  I am doing a more Teri-friendly project - and even though I did enjoy my trial at the sewing machine - these tied fleece blankets are a special craft for me!

My granddaughter was my first recipient of a tied fleece blanket 10 years ago!  And as noted in this picture below from a recent trip we took with her - she still carries the "pink blankie"  Her dad, my son Todd, picked out the material and I gave it a whirl.  I loved it so much and felt like such a "seamstress" that I made everyone I knew one - yes - that year I made 35 blankets.  This included one for each of the 5 family dogs too!

Recently, when Elaine was at my house, she found two pieces of fleece in my sewing drawer and said "Grandma I want a new blanket".  I have made her 3 already in these ten years - but I thought - why not another?  So . . . that will be my project this time!

I am trying a new method though.

I found it at and it involves a new way to tie the ends!   I will include pictures when I finish up!

Off to "no sew"!

Pink blankie is piled on top of the suitcase, back pack, and purse.  Has made many many trips!

Material for the next "blankie"  Hot pink flowers and peace signs!
Original pin looked like this:

And this picture shows the new twist or should I say tie for creating the above look.  Very good job of demonstrating this on her website!

Finished Product!

Elaine's new blanket - just in time for her birthday!


  1. I LOVE it! Such cool colors and I love the new tying method. I may need another ...

  2. I love these types of blankies!! I've thought about making one for my daughter but it just won't happen before the holiday season. I'm sure these gifts will be well-loved!

    On another small note, when you link up your posts can you link to the specific post so that people can come right to it? To find the permanent url you can click on the title of your post after you've published it and then copy the link from the navigation bar. For example, the direct link for this post is (I've fixed on the linky so no worries). Sorry to be a pain...but thanks for joining in. :)

  3. Now a no-sew blanket I could handle. Very cute.


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