Friday, November 30, 2012

The Twelve Days of Dental Work

Some of you know that I recently acted like a big girl - made a dental appointment at a new clinic with a wonderful woman dentist and amazing staff.  As always when I visit the dentist . . . mayhem reigns for about two weeks after  - If you know the song - sing my blog!

Laying awake recently with a throbbing tooth ache, this blog came to me, that in itself is very funny to me.  Maybe I had taken one too many ibuprofens back to back . . .

So - in honor of the holiday season . . . turn up the tune to "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me . . ." and read or sing along:

On the first trip to the dentist the hygienist gave to me - a bright shiny new toothbrush!

Also on the first trip the dentist gave to me - Two tubes of toothpaste - and a bright shiny new toothbrush!

Before I left that day I was happy to receive - 3 hours of "nitrous" - two tubes of toothpaste and a bright shiny new toothbrush!

Now can't forget the 4th thing - a cleaning was to be done - 3 hours of  "nitrous" - two tubes of toothpaste and a bright shiny new toothbrush.

And one more thing on the first trip - 5 x - er - rays - fourth was a cleaning - 3 hours of "gas" - 2 tubes of tooth paste and a bright shiney new toothbrush.

Went home and got a toothache, developed lots of pain - 6 advil hourly, 5 x - er - rays, 4th was the cleaning, 3 hours of "gas" please - 2 tubes of toothpaste and a bright shiny new toothbrush.

On the 7th day post dentist I was headed back - 6 advil hourly, 5 x-er-rays, don't need another cleaning, 3 hours of "gas" please,  2 tubes of toothpaste and a very pretty temporary crown.

Sadly, still had more pain, my tooth was hurting bad -  8 phone calls to dentist - 7 trips to see her - 6 advil hourly - 5 x-er-rays, still don't need a cleaning, love to have the "gas" please - two ice cold teeth tests - and one very very angry aching tooth!

On the 9th day post my dentist - still fighting through the pain - 9 prayers for healing - 8 phone calls to dentist - 7 trips to see her - 6 advil hourly - more x-er-rays - 4 days leaving early - 3 times impressions - 2 crying moments - and still one very very angry tooth!

Well 10 days is my limit - of messing with the pain - 9 more prayers for healing - 8 bottles of advil - 7 crying moments - 6 advil hourly - now a 3D x-ray - 4 days leaving early - 3 tanks of gas - 2 supportive sisters - and 1 very very angry aching tooth!

11 weeks til Christmas - what am I gonna do - 10 days was my limit - 9 phone calls later - 8 days Clindamycin - 7 sleepless hours - 6 advil hourly - NO CHARGE FOR 3-D  - 4 times calling mom - 3 times telling husband  - 2 supportive kids - and a root canal is scheduled very soon!

12 hours til I go there - can't wait now for some relief - 11 weeks til Christmas - 10 minutes brushing - 9 minutes flossing - 8 dollars worth of mouth wash - 7 sleepless hours - 6 advil hourly - thank God no more x-rays - 4 times calling mom - husband tired of whining - 2 hours post root canal - and I have a very very happy tooth!!

Haha - - - Blessings still in finding a great dentist and clinic full of kind and caring people.  I may have exagerated a few parts - but still a lot of truth in "my version".

Now about that tooth implant . . . maybe next year!


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