Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watching Airplanes ...

Aerial photo of K61 (Moritz Memorial Airport)
Moritz Memorial Airport - Beloit, Kansas

BDW tonight (big dog walk) took the one mile route out by our local airport. It has been a bit of a family joke - I want a TOUR of the Moritz Memorial Airport. It is a beautiful night - and it's already November 1 - so snow could be flying but instead we enjoyed a 70 degree day!

The BD was very annoying to me and I ended up throwing his leash in the air and saying "go for it" but that is another story . . .

A co-worker's husband works at the airport and does quite a bit of airplane repair and refueling. The airport is much busier than you would ever dream. It is just a block or so away - on the edge of the city - so many times I have been in the backyard and seen an airplane swoosh down over the road next to me. There is at least one spray plane and several private planes. It is also used for emergency health care units to fly in and out of Beloit.  Physicians from surrounding hospitals have flown in and out of our airport as well.

Blessings found tonight in a quiet walk with a good (canine) friend.

And often when I walk - - - I hear music in my head - - - tonight it was:

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