Monday, October 1, 2012

All good things must come to an end...

Good-bye to beautiful Colorado!  We will be back!

Coffee at the cabin and breakfast on the road was the plan.  Clay decided to take a new route home and the surprise - no wait - the BLESSING for day #4 was we found ourselves in the Big Thompson Canyon following along the Big Thompson River.  What a gorgeous place!    We found our favorite breakfast at McDonalds in Loveland, then headed on to Burlington, CO several hours later for one last picnic in the park.  One $5.00 container of ham from Safeway's $5.00 Fridays had fed us well!  One quick half-mile walk around the newly built city park and we were back on the road for Kansas!  

My husband and I differ in many ways - he was ready to be home I was feeling melancholy and wanted to turn around and go back.  I'm that way no matter a weekend in Topeka with our daughter, or a trip to Texas to see our son.  There is no better place to be than with family.   So thankful we had this time together just the two of us though!  We will never forget our trip!  Praise God for blessing us with the desires of our heart - to take off on a carefree long weekend to the mountains - no plans - no prep - just the two of us and the Rocky Mountains!  Thank you for safety also.

Sidebar:  While relaxing by the bubbling river at our cabin last night I got a text: from littlest granddaughter Elaine:  Grandma call me.  Love those texts!  When I told her we were in Colorado there was a great big "awwwww kewl!!"  Guess we will be bringing someone along next year :)  Or maybe all 5!!

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  1. Your picnic lunches sound wonderful - and very cost effective! I can see why you would be a little melancholy about this trip being over - it sounds like you had 4 days of blessings!


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