Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Office Christmas Party - Pin #1 and #2 - Holiday Pin It/Do It Challenge

The prep work is half the fun, right?   For me it is!  I work in an office and supervise 10 women and this year for Christmas I wanted to try something different!  We normally celebrate at the home of one of the gals and have snacks and gifts, or we have just put aside the work and exchanged gifts over our lunch hour.  This year I'm the one with the new home and so I invited the ladies to a fancy smancy sit down Christmas Celebration served by me!

For the Holiday Pin It/Do It Challenge - as a timid pinner - I promised to share four pins!  This is the first two of 4 pins I will be doing for my Christmas party.

Food right?  Every good party has to have some food!  My menu for the Dec. 11th event is:

                         Poor Man's Steak - Recipe  below
                         Cheesy Potato Casserole
                         Green Bean Casserole/CrockPot Corn
                         Acini De Pepi Salad
                         Relish Tray
                         Trifle Dessert - Pictures to follow later

My recipe for the steak is:
3-4 pounds of ground beef
1/3 cups of cracker crumbs
1 1/3 cups of milk
Mix and put in jelly roll pan - partially freeze - cut into squares.
Flour pieces, and brown in butter.
Place in 9 x 13 pan.
Cover with mushroom soup diluted with 1 1/2 soup cans of apple juice.
Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours.

Check out a variation of the recipe here - one of my pins for December!

I will be serving my vegetables in my crock-pot buffet server.  Check it out here.   This is pin #2.  My buffet server was a gift from the office ladies last year - so I can hardly wait to use it at my party this year!  I am planning two vegies and so in the third crockpot server I am going to make some yummy cinnamon apple cider to enjoy with our meal!

Good company and good food . . . what else is needed you say???

Well of course, said Sandra Lee, a beautiful Christmas tablescape!

Tune back in soon for pins #3 and #4 - decorating the table and table favors!!

The Holiday Pin It/Do It Challenge is sponsored by Trish at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity! Thank you Trish!

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