Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Home Tour

                                           Welcome to our Home!
This is the first time I have ever hung a wreath on my front door.  In our previous home there was not room. So it was fun to be able to hang this OLD wreath with a newly made bow

Remember my little red bird friend Ozzie from previous posts?  He is gone now - so I had to find a little keepsake to remind me of him! Our hospital gift shop has the neatest things!

Not part of the decor - but part of the prep for Christmas.  My sister-in-law and I found these "Princess Bags" on Pinterest.  Check out for more great ideas!  We hope the four littlest granddaughters will enjoy them!  Pink is Cinderella, Dark green/Purple is Ariel, Light green/Purple is Tinkerbell, and Blue/Yellow is Snow White!

35 year old Nativity Set - A tradition
 Dining room table
Our souvenir from our "let's take off and see where we end up" trip this last Fall.
Elk Festival in Estes Park, Colorado - sure did bring us some JOY!!
Santa collection in our family room
My little tree - nothing spectacular - but it holds every ornament my children have ever made.  Found a quote online that says - "The most beautiful Christmas Tree is every Christmas Tree".

Here's a little mis-matched corner.  This is the "retro" kitchen in our basement - nicely done in green vinyl and gold countertops.  I had to throw in a touch of Christmas.  Can't be Christmas at my house without the snowmen my mom made for me and my two sisters many years ago!  Also have an array of stocking stuffers I'm collecting to add to stockings tonight!  Then Christmas - come on over . . . I'm ready!

                                                                   It's SNOWING!!!

                                       Thank you for taking a walk through my holiday home. 

                                                                   Merry Christmas!

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  1. Beautiful, as always. Love your new home - especiallythe cozy family room. Couch pillows are so cute.


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