Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Office Christmas Party - Pins #3 and #4 - Holiday Pin It/Do It Challenge

Deck the hall with boughs of holly . . . . fa la la la la la la la la

And that is what I have done - With a swag of greenery and holly berries - a lantern - some mirrors - my Santa collection - and some glowing candlelight - the table is scaped!

In 2008 my daughter got married and I took some quick lessons on floral arranging from a dear friend and saved some bucks by making the flowers myself.  Table arrangements, pew bows, bride's bouquet, attendants bouquets, and a little touch here and there . . . It was one of the most fun things I have ever done!!!  After the wedding I had accumulated a little "wedding store" all my own.  Purchased several totes for storage and now I have a cupboard of "on loan" supplies if anyone needs such a thing.  Three sizes of mirrors, calla lilly candles, rose bowls, square bowls, votive candle holders, etc.  So putting a tablescape together for my office Christmas party was actually kind of easy.

With the help of Pinterest I quickly came up with the idea for my Christmas Tablescape.

                                                 Original pin by Sweet Something Design

My version
I have always wanted to have a lantern for different decorating ideas.  Purchased this one online from Hobby Lobby.  Inexpensive swag from Hobby Lobby also.  One spool of wired ribbon made big bows for this tablescape, for my front door wreath, and for my childhood sled that decorates my front door.  All ideas from Pinterest!  Don't you just love Pinterest??
Add 12 medium sized mirrors from the wedding leftovers and red chargers with my white china and it's a party!!

Each guests plate contained a miniature lantern favor filled with  chocolate mints.

And for my last pin we topped off the meal with Died and Gone to Heaven Trifle

The office party was a great success and an evening filled with fun and laughs.  My toast to the ladies at the meal went like this and afterall sharing from the heart - God's love - is the best Christmas gift:

"I want to give a special toast tonight and share with you that I've had a special blessing the last two weeks as I have prepared for tonight.  Something special happens when you like to entertain and be all fussy for people you care about - you actually have an opportunity to think about those people as you work!  I found myself thinking about each one of you individually as I made vintage stars for you that you will see later, and as I thought about the food and the little favors - about what each one of you likes - what makes you laugh - I thought about your families and all that has happened in the past year - I remembered some of the laughs we have shared and a few tears - and I was thankful in my heart that you are the 7 other people I spend my days with.   So I SAID that this evening was my gift to you for Christmas - but it turns out - it was also my gift to myself."

Blessings in co-workers/friends.

                              And surprise!  When I arrived home the day of our party - this beautiful
                             live Christmas greenery adorned our mailboxes - A gift from the office gang!

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  1. Beautiful decorations and beautiful thoughts for your employees. I'm amazed how you can find blessings everywhere. You're a good example!

    Will you be making that dessert for the family gathering? :)


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