Saturday, December 29, 2012

What are you doing in 2013?

Do you have something special you will be doing in 2013?  Share it here!

Each year I do some special projects, some of them that I have done in the past are:

Sponsor a child through Compassion or World Vision.
Operation Christmas Child.
Sponsor a missionary.
Prayer partners.
Support local pregnancy crisis center.
T & T Book Club
Wellness Center member.

All of these are great projects to take part in and I like to regroup each year trying to be choosy on how much I take part in - there is work of course - my job - and our church.  These two take priority on our time.   At this point we have been attending our new church for over one year but have not become highly involved.  I did help with VBS and have been added to the substitute Sunday School teachers list.  I loved both of those areas!

The other things I choose to take part in, in 2013,  can be done simultaneously, for instance I plan to:

Continue monthly financial support of one missionary at Youth for Christ in SW Kansas and for our local pregnancy crisis center - Heart Choices.   Automatic deducts from our checking acct. so pretty easily done.

T & T Book Club - monthly reading with my sister in our own book club.  Fun!!

Fit Walk - sponsored by our city and the local parks and recreation group.  Free!  Calls for about 2.5 miles of walking every day - or bicycling, swimming, etc.   A very big and scary undertaking.  Want to try.

Reading - mixing it up with daily devotions, book reads, and Bible reading.  Including in this category regular visits to my local library.  Tentatively I might attend the monthly book club at the library.  It is a read what you want to and share about it book club.

Nutri-System weight loss program.

Flower gardening in pots.

Monthly RACK (random act of Christmas Kindness)  hmmm.... should I rename it since it's not Christmas?   Find a chance to do something nice unexpectedly for someone.  See a need, fill it.

Gratitude Journal - as mentioned in previous posts - A daily recording of something to be thankful for with weekly pictures or drawings.   Taken from a Pinterest pin called 365 Days of Gratitude.

Another similar find - from Pinterest - but sounds like a fun thing to try.  Keeping track of special memories - throwing them in the Memory Jar - and then on New Year's Eve review them!

Facebook, Pinterest, and my blog Henningsen Happenings.

Good Reads - Good way to keep track of what you are reading and intend to read!

These are the things I will fill my time with - focusing on prayer and my relationship with The Lord.

One last thing - As I have been losing some weight and exercising, lifting weights, walking, jogging, etc. I have learned I CAN DO new things.  In 2013 I want to try more new things.  I know it will include golf (my stocking was filled with hot pink golf balls, a golfers glove and personal towel!)

Take my challenge to share your plan for 2013 here or on your own blog - but leave a link back here!  I would love to see what others are planning! 

Coming soon to my blog . . . My New Year's REVOLUTION . . .


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