Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A good time will be had by all . . .

My sister Tami and bro-in-law Dave will be here this weekend for a visit - as posted a couple weeks ago - their son Mitch will be here also working at the local hospital as part of his nursing program at Fort Hays State University. We are thrilled to get to spend two entire weekends with them - we have so much fun!

Tami and I can find hundreds of ways to spend a day - chatting over coffee or diet coke - shopping - reading - talking about books - walking - sewing - quilting - crafting - and we plan do all of the above!!

Hopefully, if weather permits the guys will get to do some golfing and grilling!

Smores around the fire pit possibly?

                 Picked up a couple new reads for the weekend - might even share with Tami!

                          Great healthy snacks are ready and waiting - I'll definitely share these!!

And ONE FUN surprise to share with Tami also!!!

I'll be back later to share more pics and fun stories!  Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. And a fun time WAS had by all. She is the mist amazing hostess. You should all go stay with her!


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