Thursday, April 4, 2013

April showers . . .

Checking in with my monthly weight loss tip or lesson learned or bit of encouragement . . .

The scale is back down again!  What is my secret?  Staying busy and being outside more!  Playing with the dogs in the back yard and walking in the outdoors is so refreshing!  

We have had a few days of 60-70-80 degree weather and I am renewed and excited for spring and better yet summer.    Clay has hit his busy season at the fertilizer plant and so I have had a couple weeks of evenings at home alone.  As one of my blog buddies was talking about having a "me party" (she had the house to herself for a day) I thought - well I am having a "me party" week - but hey - there's too much to be done around a house to be partying!!  Okay well I must confess - when hubs is here he does laundry and he buys dog food and he shares with the dog duties . . . so I'm feeling the pressure in those areas :)  That makes all my friends scream when I tell them about hubs/laundry.  

I have been really waiting and yearning for spring and my outdoors routine - and counting on it to aid my weight loss and fitness efforts.    This type of thinking readers is not good!  Winter, being indoors, watching movies and sports, and exercising indoors - these are not reasons for gaining weight or for being less active!!!  I know that I have more "behavioral changes" to make before next winter.  Next time I will be more prepared!!

So that is my lesson learned - - - set backs are going to happen and it's not good to grumble at yourself for very long - BUT - - - don't use that as an excuse!  No excuses!  There is one way to lose weight gradually and become healthier and that is to exercise, strength train, and eat a balanced diet with correct portions.  No magic fairy dust as we have heard about - no magic diet - - no magic pill - - - no celebrity fix - - - - not even anything on Dr. Oz will work unless you decide YOU will work.  

I have some plans for outdoors fun this Spring  - - -

Flower garden

          Dog walks

                    Golf clinic - yes I need lessons

                              City Walking Path - Completed!!  Plan to try it out!

I'll soon be sharing my Summer Bucket List . . . but for now . . . what are YOUR plans for a fun and healthy Spring??

"Those who do not find time for exercise, will have to find time for illness" - Earl of Derby Quote



  1. With my 'me party' I have had to be busier with our dog. Didn't realize how much the others in the house play with her. I've been on a plateau I won't give up. I lost 36 pounds last year by eating right. Not much exercise because of my COPD but when you know it's time nothing will stop you. I like that quote, so true! Today is housework before my husband gets home from his trip today. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Great job on the weight loss!! 36 pounds is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I always find it so much easier to get the daily exercise in when the weather is warm and sunny! But I understand what you mean about it needing to be a year-round effort. I really think the best (and most permanent) efforts come when there is a change in lifestyle, not just habits. I hope that it continues to go smoothly for you.

    Yay for flower garden! Sounds lovely.

    1. You are right Trish - It is a life change process and very hard to do - but so worth it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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