Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jesus is Alive!

After a week off from teaching due to special Easter plans at church, today I was back with my preschoolers to take up the story of Jesus - after Easter.

I like to share about Sunday School because there is always a great lesson for me as well in what I teach.

Easter morning came and went - Jesus was gone from the tomb - He was alive!  Of course, people being like people are  - - they were confused, mistaken, and just plain doubtful about what could have happened to Jesus' body.    They needed to see before they could believe and Jesus spent 40 days here on earth reappearing to his disciples in order that they would believe.  Then he sent the people out to tell the Good News - Jesus is Alive!

Aren't we sometimes the same way today?  How many times do we need to see the miracle, or see God's plan before we will trust.

Our pastor challenged us to "invite 3". We are to write down 3 people who do not believe and pray for them. Then we are to take it one step further and invite one of the people to come over for a meal. Pastor recently wrote in our newsletter how eating a meal with someone always changes the relationship. Always. Always. It takes the relationship beyond just how's the weather and all to moving one step closer to that person and to their lives. We are challenged to invite someone over for a meal in our home and to love them. That's all. No agenda - no ripping out the Bible after supper and discussing the end times or the Gospels - simply just loving people and then trusting God to do the work.

We already have some friends we want to invite - how about you? Could you be used by God in this way? Can you provide the food and the fellowship and then trust that God will bring about his work in that person's life?

Good luck! Blessings will abound . . .

"So class . . . " said Miss Teri, "let's take roll - let's see - We have Joe, and Ryder, Tatum and Mya and Karlie . . . and we have a visitor - - - What is your name?" "Eli" said the new boy. "Well Eli we are glad you are here - do you live in Beloit or do you live not near here?", said Miss Teri. Eli replied, "I live a long ways near here" . . .

Ask a confusing question . . . expect a confusing answer :)


  1. lol...we get lots of answers like that in Story Time at the Library from our 4,5 & 6 yr olds. Never a dull moment. Keep up the great teaching!

  2. That should be an "It's not complicated" commercial. :) Good lesson about sharing a meal. Now I have to decide who to invite.


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