Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My sister Tami decided that she wanted to host an Abram family reunion with all of our cousins. So we posted a note on Facebook to family to see if there was interest and we found there was!
Ordered some pulled BBQ pork and potato salad - sent out invitations - and looked forward to a fun time.

My sister and I can have some differences in opinions about what is necessary but it's all good. Kinda like Mary and Martha in the Bible - - - Martha wanted to fuss over "details" and Mary "did what is best". Jesus's words, not mine. I love to throw a little splash of color with some table decorations - - - simple, light and springy - and Tami helped with ideas - we ended up with an idea from Pinterest of course . . . But Tami wanted to do what was best and that was have some great time spent with dear cousins.

My dad had three older sisters and one older brother. The oldest sister, age 94, was able to be there for the reunion. One sister has passed away. And the youngest of the girls was also there. Dad's brother and his son flew in from Jacksonville, Florida for a week long visit. Then it breaks down to the cousins - Florida cousins: 3, Mankato cousins: 4, Jamestown cousins: 3, Jewell cousins: 3 and my sisters and I made 3 more. Add a second cousin and that made a big group of cousins to grow up with! There were 11 boys born before one girl, me! Then another boy and 3 more girls plus the second cousin who was a girl. 17 in all - and that was just kids! A houseful every month when we met to have a potluck meal and celebrate the birthdays for that month.

So take 5 from the original generation, add spouses, plus 17 cousins and add spouses, add children and granchildren and the group numbered near 50!

We spent the day at the Jewell Community Center which is a central location and the home town for my grandpa Abram and my dad as well. Lunch - pictures - reminiscing - and in a short time people were packing up to leave. The day was a success in that everyone wanted to continue with an annual family reunion. Our uncle from Florida especially requested that we do it again next year and maybe some who couldn't attend this year - could next time.

Whenever I am with family - no matter which side - I always have a lump in my throat and a feeling of sadness for those family members who are no longer here. I have a cousin we lost at age 16, a cousin we lost last year, uncles and aunts, grandpa Ab, and a grandma I never knew. We miss some babies that we didn't get the chance to know.

This is life and this is family. Blessings in a wonderful family full of love and laughter. I'm not sure anyone but maybe my fellow blogger sister will appreciate this post,  but as this blog began as a place for me to write and share my thoughts - a journal if you will - I just needed to write about the reunion - it was a really good day.

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