Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Annie get your gun . . .

Time to learn skill #2 for 2013!  As mentioned in previous blogs I have challenged you all to learn five new things this year.  It's great for mental health as well as just for fun!  I easily got my card certification in CPR.  Check #1 - - -

This past weekend when sister Tami and her family were staying with us - we decided it was time to learn skill #2 - - - Both Tami and I had chosen this as a goal for the year - and that was to learn how to identify a gun - know what ammo it needs - know how to load it - know how to shoot it - - and hit a target - - and be safe.

The day started after coffee and breakfast and Clay Dave Mitch (Gun Safety Instructors) gathered in the back room where the Henningsen and Erwin guns were laid out on the bed - including two pistols and a revolver.  Class was "in session".

Guns of choice were:  22 rifle, 12 gauge shot gun and a 20 gauge shot gun, 22 revolver pistol, 45 semi-automatic pistol and a 32 semi-automatic pistol.  Oh and a single shot 12 gauge.

Rifles shoot bullets which are measured in calibers.  Named rifles because there are "riflings" inside the barrel that spins the bullet.  Rifles shoot farther than shot guns.

Shot guns shoot shells, measured by gauge. Shells don't travel as far. 20 gauge shells are always yellow - - - 12 gauge can be other colors. We learned how important it is to make sure you don't put the wrong shell in the wrong gun. Tami and I quickly decided that OUR 20 gauge shot guns should have yellow stickers on them. Doesn't that make sense??

Full metal jacket . . . is not JUST a movie I hear . . . I learned to tell the difference between a full metal jacket bullet and a hollow point bullet. Hollow point bullets are put together in a way that they mushroom out when they hit, and as Mitch declared, "they can FSU". :)

Up to this point, I felt pretty good . . . but then came single action and double action, pump action and semi-automatic - - - double barrel and side by side - over and under - - - well - I was ready to do some shooting by this time . . .

We loaded up and headed to the Jewell Gun Club - and what a great time we had - Sister and I took turns with the guns - The 22 rifle was nice. I could hit things. Beer cans and butter dishes beware! 20 gauge was fun to load and shoot - - - 12 gauge was a little more power than I was ready for . . . and I have the bruise to prove it :) The 22 revolver made me feel like a real cowgirl - smokin' gun and all - - - the fancier pistols actually scared me - - -

The best thing about learning something new is when it turns out to be really fun! I can see myself getting a little bit hooked on some target shooting. Shooting an animal really doesn't interest me - unless they are attacking me or mine . . .

Thank you to my nephew Mitch and my brother-in-law David and especially to hubs, Clay. They were very patient and kind with me. I can now cross this off of my list of 5 things to learn in 2013, but it certainly won't be the last time I head out to shoot this year. I'm also very thankful that our kids were raised to respect and handle guns - I can see now that I missed out on some fun when the family went off to hunt - - - but I also think it was a special "dad time" for them both.

Blessings found in full metal jackets and those other things I can't remember . . . oh yes . . . hollow points . . . :) and mostly . . . time with family.

                                                   A penny for your thoughts Dave!

And oh yes we had to use the first aid kit twice - but I won't embarrass anybody here by telling who!


  1. Good for you girl! Learning to shoot was a goal of mine last year and I'm still working on it. I do alright with the rifle but I'm still not comfortable handling a hand gun. I'll keep practicing!

  2. Wow congratulations Teri, I'm impressed. This is something that I never had the urge to do but I totally admire you for learning how. I love to shoot but only with my Canon!

  3. I don't thonk either of us will ever be sharpshooters, but it was an interesting and necessary lesson. And fun - although I was one of the ones who needed minor first-aid. :)


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