Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caribbean Adventure Day #2

Lesson learned - - - leave entire closet home when you travel to another country.  Go small.  The modern convenience of walking into any airport in the USA and within a reasonable amount of time moving through check-in, security, and boarding has for us been a pretty manageable feat!

Of course you know I needed every pair of shorts I own, and every shirt I own, two swim suits and two cover ups and multiple pairs of flip flops to coordinate with each outfit - - - bags of sunscreen - well one bag and then the rest of what a person might need - - - I love choices when I travel :)  But I do NOT love packing my new Vera Bradley lookalike Avon quilted tote - plus my huge purse filled full through hours of lines . . . 

The first day was a long one - a lot of waiting - but fun galore - We arrived at the Punta Cana airport - complete with thatched roof buildings and waited and waited for planes to unload - waited for our "exit stairs" to be rolled over to the plane and climbed down onto the tarmac - - - just like you see in the movies - - - More waiting on our bus to take us to the hotel - - - and off to a Welcome party for the evening.  Little food eaten yesterday - - - so by the time we arrived at the party - a server at the door offered me something pink in a pretty cup - I asked twice - what is it?  I could not understand him - - but it was pink, slushy and cold - - - I drank it.  

The Hard Rock Casino and Hotel is humongous and we are just now heading out to see the rest of it as we got here late enough last night to go to a welcome party and then out to eat.  Couldn't wait to see the white sand beach - but did so in the dark - - - still awesome - - - 

The folks here are friendly - and we are good on our exercise - - - walking a ton!

Check back later - I'm taking a bath in sun screen and heading to the beach/pools!

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