Saturday, February 22, 2014

Caribbean Adventure - Saying good bye

My mom asked me who we were going on our trip with and I told her five other couples from Farmway and 300 other couples we don't know - - - She said, "Well you will make some new friends!"  I commented, "I HAVE friends, I'm not looking to make new friends, I don't care if I talk to anyone but Clay!"   Once again mother was right . . . first of all you dump 600 people in a foreign country and stuff them in an airport and on a bus and then leave them at a resort that is larger than most of their home towns . . . they lean on each other real quick!   We soon discovered that we were not the only couple who thought the first day was fairly tough!  Everyone was feeling the same - lost.

The following days we jumped on a small bus that circled the resort and took us from our rooms to the beach or pools - golf or the lobby - etc.  The people were so friendly - and as I mentioned in an earlier post, we met people from all over the United States.  And so yes mom, I did make some new friends.

Today was our last day to spend here at Punta Cana and we took a bus ride to another marketplace on the beach - and there we also found the most beautiful water and beach and it was not as windy!  On the beach the local people had sent up one shop after another.  We had a shopping list - I wanted a big floppy beach hat of my own - loved the one I borrowed for the trip.  I also wanted a Punta Cana bag and hubs and I wanted to find a "toro".  Then the fun began - - On our first "vacation without kids" we went to Estes Park two years ago and we saw all the elk - so we bought our own souvenir wooden elk to remind us of our trip.    I threw that piece of information in to explain that on our first night on this trip we ate at a restaurant on the beach called "Toro's" and it quickly became our favorite.   Hanging from the ceiling are several bulls - thus the name Toro's and I don't mean hanging - they were actually upside down - standing on the ceiling.  Beautiful too.  Wooden.  Aha!  We would find a toro of our own to take home.    That was not an easy task - - - the first marketplace shop I politely asked the man for a bull . . . "bull?" . . . yes a bull . . . "bull."  He quickly shows me a ball - no no I say - an animal - a bull - like a cow - but a bull - - - and finally I even said "toro" - still showing me balls - - - he said write it down - - - as soon as i wrote "toro" he understood - but had none.  Then we found a rather large toro  . . . way too big to get home easily.  Pretty soon a man came up behind us with a perfect sized wooden "toro" - perfect!  The price of course was to be bartered - - - and I have no problem with that because I think I should get everything for almost nothing.  We were able to make a deal and only spend $20 for our souvenir toro!   Soon we gathered up some other small gifts to take home to family and headed back to our bus.

Well you can take the girl out of Kansas . . . but you had better not leave her very long  . . . and I say that because although I intended to be a beach babe again today - my skin was saying enough - so the afternoon was spent in another wonderful way!  Spa time . . . 

Clay had signed me up for an aromatherapy massage and so I was told to arrive one hour early for my appt. so I could enjoy the hydrotherapy rooms!   I did - and after slipping into my robe - over my swim suit - I was led into the most beautiful "zen-like" winding, dimly lit oasis of pampering!  Tea or water with fresh fruit and then my little attendant led me to a quiet area where I could relax or I could enjoy the pools - two hot tubs, two small warm water walking areas, two cold tubs, two foot soaks, and then around the corner was a large pool with warm water and many jets - ah heaven.  Now I had been given very good instructions by my little attendant to "wear your swimming suit . . . wear your swimming suit . . .".  So you can imagine my shock as I prepared to step into the warm water when a woman walked by  . . . and well let's just say . . . she did not remember to wear her swimming suit!!   She walked through the cold pool and out the door.   Oookkkay . . . but it gets better  . . . later as I enjoyed a cold foot soak - great for any swelling  . . . lo and behold here came another young woman who did not get the memo either . . . WEAR YOUR SWIMMING SUIT . . . and she plopped into the hot tub.     Anyway I finished out the afternoon with a wonderful massage and felt very spoiled . . . 

Our last evening of a wonderful trip . . . we headed to our favorite restaurant  and enjoyed a great meal with a couple Clay knew.  We walked to the beach - and around the resort - back through the lobby - and back to our room.

Great blessings this week in time with hubs.  It helps me to see how really big our world is - - - it's just one country out of many - - - but we both commented how we will feel a connection with the Dominican Republic and it's people from now on.  

Praying for a smooth traveling day tomorrow - we are one of the last groups to fly out - so will be having a long day - but all worth it!

                                      On the beach at the market place today.

                Clay in his new island shirt!

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