Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caribbean Adventure Day #3

Much more relaxing day today - Clay had a business breakfast early in the morning and then we were free to spend the day our own way.

The beach is where we headed - and although it was filling up already we were lead to a spot with two loungers in the shade where we could sit and watch the ocean.  The blue-turquoise water that you see about only on TV was great!  I notice though that whenever I have been to a beach - anywhere - the wind blows!  Where are those calm, serene, romantic crystal blue waters that I see on The Bachelor!!!   Bought my first ever jewelry on the beach!  Locals had their wares and walked the shore.

The resort hosts 15 pools and we headed to one called The Moon.  It is the pool we had seen in the brochures - I had been looking for an infinity pool and I'm not sure if this one counted - but designed very close to one - - - more pools to check out later . . .

Lunch at Toro's and back to the room to make our plans:

     Do we spend our time at the Rock Star Mini Golf  . . . no scheduled that for Friday afternoon.

     Shopping . . . not today either - but plan to do that on Saturday.
     Or head back here . . . 


We decided to head to the lobby and check out the spa - hubs wanted me to have a massage or something like that - We set up an appointment for an "aromatherapy massage" on Saturday.   I was feeling very pampered as I also headed upstairs to the salon for a "Not in Kansas anymore" pedicure. 

We ended out the day with supper back at Toro's again with a couple from home and really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and especially getting to know coworkers better.  

A friend from work asked me to let them know about this resort - they are looking for a place to take a vacation and I would highly recommend it - the first day we were overwhelmed and after talking with others today - everyone was overwhelmed - I would suggest that the resort do a little better job of helping folks find their rooms - and get a general idea of the layout of the place - as I said before it is huge - and not just for this girl from Kansas - but also people from Iowa, Indiana, New York, Georgia, Nebraska and they all agree!  NOW I am not going to be critical of anything on this trip - it's not a trip the Henningsen's would be making on our own - and once again - very thankful to our company and the company sponsoring this.

Headed to bed to watch some Olympics  - Back tomorrow with another report - - - Lesson learned today - head to the beach earlier than 11 - to find a chair and cabana for shade!  And "beach party" on the agenda for tomorrow night.

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  1. Wishing I was there instead of here, trudging through the slush and mud. Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating time!


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