Monday, February 3, 2014

January Wrap-Up

Feb 3 has rolled right into view!  Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter tomorrow Feb. 4th!!  We enjoyed a great weekend with her and her husband, grandson and his family - especially little great-grandson Grayson!

So thought I would wrap-up January for you - and give you Henningsen Highlights . . .

What I did . . .

     Purchased some extra clothes to take on our upcoming trip to the sunny and hopefully
     warm Dominican Republic!

     Purchased a new pair of glasses and sunglasses!  Much needed as my prescription had
     changed drastically.  Good news though that my eyes are very healthy!

     Developed a tooth ache and so now I have begun the final stage of dental work that will
     give me very nice - healthy teeth and a smile I can be proud of.  See this old post for
     the beginning of this project!

     Decided to create "prayer flags" for those in my family and friends that I want to
     remember to say a special prayer for.    Check out Tami's post at Just One More Thing
     on how to create those.  Wonderful thing about them - - - each one is unique - no rules -
     no wrong way to do a prayer flag.  Coming soon . . . my first prayer flag for our youngest
     granddaughter Elaine.

     Sent our son Todd his birthday gift on January 15!  A fun one - really neat when we can
     find something the kids want and need - and can send it there way - - - FHSU worthy
     gold and black golf bag!  He loved it!


     Hosted a birthday party for my dad's 79th birthday!  Small crowd of 6 - - - special night.
     Again this year - - - I spent a lot of the month with a huge cold - Influenza A - sinusitis -
     cough that would not die - - - and a headache.    I'm canceling January next year!

What I did not  . . .

     T & T Book Club Selection for January was up to me - and I chose that Tami and I would
     each pick a book of our liking and then blog about it - - - I intend to blog about it after I
     finish it - - - but alas - - - I didn't get as much read - - - and I blame that on not being able
     to see very well!!  And not having a great "reading corner" - - - need to fix that - - - glasses
     are paid for and sitting on my face - - - so not an excuse anymore. 

     WALK ... EAT RIGHT ... - - - ENOUGH SAID.

     Avon Valentine Open House - - - plans were made - - - invitations written out - - - life
     got in the way . . . Actually it was planned for February - so could still be accomplished
     but as I said - - - other things have come before this - - - so I will look forward to a Lucky
     Leprechaun Avon Open House or a Step Into Spring Avon Open House - - - .


That's my first month of 2014 in a wrap-up.  Some goals were accomplished - and some not.
My plans for Feb will include as mentioned above - prayer flags - reading - dental work - trip
and saying goodbye to 10 pounds (again).

This year I have chosen not to feel despair at projects not done - weight not lost - house not cleaned and other tasks left incomplete - - - just move on with prayer and hope for a good month ahead!

Want to share your pluses and minuses for the month of January!  Feel free to comment here!

P.S.  Started February off with a wonderfully hosted Super Bowl Party at Dave and Tami's house in Nebraska.  Although our team didn't win  - we had a great relaxing evening with good food, fun entertainment, some crafting and zentangle lessons, and best of all - dear family!  Perfect way to start a new month!

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