Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A focus I have chosen for 2014 is to work exercise into my day - each day - working out most days or just being active the rest of the days.

Don't you just love this commercial . . .


I saw it this morning and it struck me funny - oh yes - I can improve my health as easy as brushing my teeth with Colgate Advanced Toothpaste.  I know I know - there is more to the commercial than just that. And dental health is very important to overall body health.   But with the frame of mind I'm in about exercise and eating right - reducing stress in my life - etc., it just made me smile that Kelly makes it alllllll sound simple with this toothpaste!

The dreadmill is my plan this week - yes dreadmill - that's what I call our treadmill.  

Once again, my sister Tami sends out a challenge - I am tempted to ignore the text - I could always say that  my phone was dead or on the charger - but no - I can't hide from her.  Challenge for tonight was to do 1.67 miles in 30 minutes.  After arguing that I was comfy in my chair with the dog on my lap, the phone rings, it's my dad, I think it was planned, and so I was out of my chair and headed to the basement.   My results:  1 mile in 21:42 minutes.  I was tired and I felt so out of shape.  But I did it!  I moved!!

This is where I begin again to continue on - - -

Stay tuned for more focus on Exercise as I have been challenged to an even bigger goal!  Details to follow!!

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