Sunday, January 6, 2013

A hunting I will go . . .

As I mentioned in my previous post I am challenging us all to learn something new in 2013!  I have committed to try and learn 5 new things this year!  I have already had two people sign up to join me!  Tami my sister is working right now on her list of five and will be reporting in at her own blog, Just One More Thing this year.  So be watching her blog!  My friend Rebecca quickly jumped at the idea and showed me her list of five tonight.  Crocheting, speed reading, firing a gun, and a couple of more personal ideas finished out her list.  Good luck ladies!

As promised I am ready to share my ideas - but alas, I still am holding out on #5 - I knew four things right away that I wanted to revisit, refresh, and just plain try for the first time!  I have listed them below and the answer to the big question . . . WHY??

How to shoot a gun . . .  I have thought about this for quite some time.  I was not raised around guns being the oldest of 3 girls, but my husband was always good to teach our two kids to respect guns and went to gun safety classes with both of them, took them hunting, target shooting, etc.    I stayed behind and really had no interest.  So why now?  Just have felt like it would be best to know the basics since we have several guns in our home.  In this world of such craziness - I also think about protecting myself - and although I don't anticipate ever really needing to - it just seems like a good thing to learn.  So Annie get your gun . . .

4 week algebra I course . . . This one will make my daughter laugh or cry I'm not sure which.   Casey is a math major and teaches high school and college math classes.  All I ask for is a 2-4 week brief introductory course to Algebra I - - - I think she could easily accommodate me on this endeavor next summer when she has a little down time???  She is working on her Master's Degree in Math - so not sure she has much down time - - - I chose this because it bothers me that I struggle with math now - I never was any good at it - how did I ever raise a math major I don't know - - - but I want to try a shot at math again!

Card Certified CPR  . . .This one is easy peasy - I work at a hospital and am required to take a brief CPR course each year - - - I can also choose to become card certified and I can do that on the clock even!  I think everyone should know it!!

The "Electric Slide" . . .Oh yeh - and this one sounds like the most fun!!!  At my daughters wedding I watched all the ladies do the Electric Slide - looked like great fun!!!  Now that I'm becoming more active with exercise, golfing, etc. I think I'll give dancing a try!  So as soon as I can round up my daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and sisters, we will be sliiiidddiing away!

Keep following along as I share the experiences - I'm sure there is bound to be some!  And let me know if you decide to join us in this challenge!   What will you learn this year?


  1. Great list. We may have to expand #4 and get you trying other dances. How's your polka?

    I'm still pondering my list - only have 1 definite plan so far, but I knowgreat ideas will hit me -- eventually.

    1. Thanks for joining in the fun! Can't wait to hear about your "classes".

  2. I was amazed when I read you list of things you want to learn. I also make a list of new things to learn and last year shooting a gun was my main thing. I learned to shoot a rifle and a pistol With three boys and a husband who are all avid shooters I decided it was better to join them! This year I'm actually signed up to take an Algebra course through Coursera (free online college classes) I was inspired by my son who is a Math major. I was tired of not understanding when he talked about his different classes! I'm interested to see your progress and good luck with the Algebra.

    1. Thanks for commenting Patti - seems we have a lot in common! When my son was home for Christmas this year he insisted his 3 girls put down all technology - ipads, ipods, smart phones, etc. and go to the creek with him to shoot guns. They had a great time. It spurred me on to learn what the rest of the family has known for years! I'll check out your blog too!


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