Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Blues . . .

I have always loved the winter - being holed up in the warm indoors with candles lit and spending the evenings wrapped up in soft blankets.

Not this winter it would seem . . . Loved the big snow when the family was all here but now I'm ready to be done with cold and snow!  I miss summer!!

I miss playing outside with the dogs, riding my bike, and walking anytime I wanted.  I miss my flowers and birds.  I miss the swimming pool!  I really learned to love the out doors more last summer - even played some golf!

Yes I miss the heat!!

Grilling and home grown tomatoes.

And as if I hadn't had enough changes this past year both at home and at work - now I dislike winter???   This is not like me!

Thought I'd write a short note here and if any of my followers have ideas for surviving winter when you really want summer . . . let me know!   In my best effort to beat the blues guess I'll head for the treadmill and some music . . . Check this website for some great ideas too!

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