Tuesday, January 1, 2013


People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.  ~Author Unknown

A total or radical change; as, a revolution in one's circumstances or way of living.
A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm 

For years and years and years I have started every New Year with grandios plans to lose weight, eat right, exercise, and sleep more - - - the Fabulous Four you could say - - -

By Jan. 3 I was giving up and giving in to my old comfortable habits. 

Last year as you know my sister Tami introduced me to Nutri-System and I am proud to say I have lost 30 pounds as I write this.  Tami amazed me in 2012 with her near 60 pound weight loss.  Not only did she lose weight and eat healthily, she also changed her exercise habits and I did too! 
Hence, I am calling this my New Year's REVOLUTION - not just a resolution - not something I resolve to do - not just something I plan to do - something I hope to do . . . A revolution as stated above is a total or radical change in a way of living - a CHANGE in the way of thinking!  In 2013 I will lose another 30 pounds.   I will break the chains and the bad habit of "making food something it isn't".   
I feel that with the first 30 pounds and near year of eating better foods and eating less - I learned to listen to my body and what it really requires as far as food goes.  Easy??  HECK NO!  I have an eating disorder - I crave food for comfort - I eat for the wrong reasons - and the only way for me to be healed of this disorder is to work hard!!  I am surrounding myself with people who support me and encourage me.  I read about nutrition.  I study about excercise and resistance training.  I make the choice to go to the treadmill when I want to be in the recliner.  (most of the time).  I can see that NOTHING I put in my mouth tastes as great as seeing a pound come off the scale and being able to buy a smaller size of jeans feels!  The success comes from hard work and realizing that food is just food and it is for nourishing our bodies.  That was God's ONLY INTENTION for food.    My success so far has been due to being able to think about food in a different way. 
Am I a Nutri-System Success Story?  No I wouldn't say so - I could have lost much more weight.  I got lazy many days.  I skipped workouts many times.  I stayed up too late and snacked on many occasions.  I wanted to quit.  Thankfully - I was partnering with my sister on this adventure to health and that kept me going back day after day. 

But what I know for sure is this . . . I will never slip back into my old ways of living to eat each and every day.  As the quote goes - don't live to eat - eat to live . . . I am on my way to another year of healthier living!   And from Mary Tyler Moore . . . "You're gonna make it after all . . . "

Blessed with good health - and wishing you all the same in 2013!

Check in monthly with me as I share a lesson learned or an encouraging tid bit for anyone else who might be "revolting" again bad choices and the snarls of food temptations!


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  1. Viva la revolucion! Long live the revolution! Blessed to be on this journey with you. It is, indeed, a change of attitude and lifestyle - not a short term "hope". And we will continue...


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