Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today is the day I accomplish 1 of the 5 things I am going to learn in 2013!

At the hospital I work at we are required each year to do competency testing.  It's a general review of hospital policy, crisis plan, infection control, privacy and security issues, etc. and we are also required to take a CPR class.  We have the chance to become card certified by taking a little more in depth class and passing a test.

Card Certified!!

CPR saves lives and we can all be prepared to do what we can if we are ever in that situation.  I'd like to encourage everyone to contact your local hospital, EMS, or your own personal doctor and take a class on performing CPR.  Check the American Heart Association web site for information and for training videos as well.  

Check out this You Tube video about a new procedure called "Hands-Only" CPR.

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  1. Good luck! CPR is a wonderful thing to learn. May you never have to use it.


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