Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Jewels

Checking in with my monthly weight loss tip or lesson learned or bit of encouragement . . .

Ha sounds a little funny to call this "my" monthly tip . . . as you know I am not anywhere near my goal weight and fitness level - who am I to give advice and tips??

Maybe I am the best person to give advice about something I find hard, at times boring, and definitely discipline-required.  That would be walking on my treadmill.  We bought a new treadmill to have in our own home.  I have a nearby gym and my employer pays most of the monthly membership for me - so that's a pretty good reason to use it often!  Good reason - but I still found myself too tired to bundle up and go to the gym.  Having one in my own home has made a complete difference!  I can walk between laundry loads, or after I mopped the floor and it is drying, or at 10 p.m. or 6 a.m. I can walk for 30 minutes and then go back 2 hours later and walk for another l5 minutes.  Convenience is the word!

MUSIC is the real jewel!!    My daughter got me an ipod and it hooks into the treadmill making that 30 minutes or 45 minutes go so much faster!!!  The music makes me want to dance and run!  Unfortunately I can't help singing along and I'm sure from his recliner in the family room - my husband doesn't appreciate that.  Still . . . my January Jewel is this *Add some music to your workout!!!

Fun fitness tip: Download upbeat music you love to listen to on your iPod, and take it with you while you walk. An analysis conducted by the American Council on Exercise found that music not only makes exercise more enjoyable, but it can also boost endurance and effort.

And I can use that!!

P.S. Happy 33rd birthday to our son, Todd today!!! 


  1. Good tip! I know that listening to an audio book makes the time pass much faster, but I haven't tried music. Time to pump up the tunes!

    1. I love music also because you can change up your pace to walk in step with the music. Sometimes I just feel like bursting into a run . . . :)

  2. I also walk on my treadmill - I try to do at least 20 minutes everyday. I usually watch videos on the Country Music channel. Makes the time go by fast. I just tell myself keep going for one more video!

    1. Good job on the walking Patti! One of my favorites to walk to is Little Big Town's Pontoon!!!

    2. You're doing great! May your find all of your wonderful goals at the "end of the treadmill."
      Found your blog through Girl Gab at MJF!


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