Friday, January 11, 2013

Beating the winter blues really suc . . . succulents, geraniums,petunias - think on these things!!

Seriously having a never before case of winter blues - - - so I'm thinking ahead to my flower garden.  I didn't really get to start much of one last year as we moved in on the hottest day of the summer I believe and we kinda drug along the pots we could move and tried to keep them going with the many days of 100+ degree temperatures!

If I were to be honest it is not the cold - not the snow - not being indoors that is bothering me the most - - - it is the MUD!  Shhhh . . . don't tell ANYONE I said that as we are in the midst of a terrible drought in my section of Kansas and our livelihood depends on this mud!  So I see the blessings in the moisture but I have always had a true aversion to MUD.

MUD   - when you think about it  - it is the worst!  Snow is clean, Rain is clean, Dust and Dirt is easily cleaned up, but MUD - what do you do with mud???  You just sit and wait til it dries up and you can sweep it away or vacuum it up (yes I feel the need - - - the need to vacuum the garage).  You can't pick it up or wipe it away - it just gets worse - I HATE MUD!

I have some issues with obsessive/compulsiveness - as you all know - - -

So - thinking ahead to spring and summer I can almost feel the sunshine beating down on me as I play amongst my flowers.   I always have red geraniums and white and red wave petunias, in my blue ceramic pots - and there I have it - - - red white and blue!!  I love it!   I have two plants of sedum that were here in the back yard when we moved in.  They look pretty all summer and bloom in the fall.  They are succulents. So I am going to spend some time learning all I can about how to plant and care for succulents.

I am sharing some pictures and a little planting information.

Beautiful creeping ice plant!!

To view a very helpful article on planting succulents both in pots and in the ground - click here.

Blessings found (or at least trying) in mud . . . Blessings found in gardening (and the anticipation of it).

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