Monday, January 21, 2013

Certified Farmgirl!

Whether you’re a bona-fide farm chick or a down-home city chick dreaming of the farm you never had, you can be a  . . . farm girl at heart!

I only lived on a farm for 3 months in my life so I do not qualify for a farm girl and I'm not sure I'm a farm girl at heart - cuz I like living near to the amenities that even a smaller town has to offer.  I like neighbors next door they bring me security.  Still I excitedly signed up for and am proudly announcing that I am part of the Farmgirl Sisterhood from Mary Jane's Farm.  I received my official badge and certificate. 

This is what sold me on the idea of becoming part of Mary Jane's Farmgirl Sisterhood:

We are Sisters — a sisterhood of farmgirls. We’re country, we’re city, and every texture and stripe in between. It’s not at all about where we live, but how we live. We get together to Chat online, form in-the-flesh Farmgirl Chapters, and even virtual chapters called Henhouses. We love to share stories, to craft, to garden, and to nurture the next generation of Farmerettes and Young Cultivators. And when our work is done, we get together to go camping, fishing, and “glamping” (glamping - camping with a little glamour added in)  as Farmgirls on the Loose.

It's not about living on a farm, milking cows, planting crops, raising chickens, growing a garden, I don't think as much as it is about your values and dreams, your work ethic and your attitude about life, it's about living simple but also about taking the time to nurture your likes - your skills - your God-given talents and your desires.  My sister Tami wrote in her blog Just One More Thing about the Farmgirl Sisterhood as well.  Check it out for more information. 

I love it that I have wide open spaces just one block from my back door - A comfortable walk around a section - or down a long and straight country rock road for two miles.   I enjoy meeting my new neighbors and exchanging a little gift during the holidays with the ones next door.  I like watching out for each other's places when someone is away.  I have a creek just around the corner where I plan to fire my "weapons" soon!  (one of the five new things I will be learning this year).  I can bike ride my 3 mile path through the new home section and then beside an empty field - all on the same path!  My neighbor to the north is a golden wheat field!  I guess there is some country in me???



  1. I think there's a little farmgirl in all of us:-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Henningsen Happenings!


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