Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

That has been my order of the day now for the past week!   Nasty bug. 
 But thankful for medicines, tissue, and rest! 

If you are in the golden decade of your 50's you will probably remember that little ditty above!  And although I didn't take any Alka Seltzer - My husband swears by Alka Seltzer Cold Remedy!  Not me.

So anyway - not going to waste your time talking of cold remedies or favorite marketables but let's go this direction . . . Share your best memory from when you were a kid - and you got sick!
I will start:  Whenever we were sick - we got to sleep in mom and dad's bed for the day.  We could color or play with dolls - how did we function without a television in the room??  But then it would happen . . .    The "noon whistle" would blow in our hometown of Jewell, and dad would come home for lunch.  He would come straight to the bedroom and ask us "how are you feeling?"  "What can I get you?"  or "Are you doing any better?"  Then - I'm not sure if he actually cooked it or not - but he would come bringing in a tray of chicken noodle soup and some saltine crackers.  Miraculously we would get well!!  Not that our mom wasn't there taking care of our every needs, desires and wants, but that was what MOM did right??  For our dad to do this was extra special.  I can still remember the warm fuzzy feeling I got when that happened not once or twice - but every time I was under the weather!

Let's hear your favorite memories . . .

and drink (some more cough syrup) to good health!!

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  1. My biggest memory of "sick days" was when we were still in the downstairs room with twin beds (we couldn't have been very old) and Grandpa Wheat came to entertain us. He was such a compassionate soul!

    Thanks for bringing back fond memories. And Alka Seltzer Plus is the BEST thing for colds/flu.


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