Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ode to the RETURN of the trumpet vine tree!!!

Oh I think that I shall never see . . . 
A thing as pretty as a tree . . . 

It has arrived!!!!! I am so excited!!  Actually they have arrived - Two very small little trumpet vines.  One orange and one yellow.

And what a tree it is!  If you remember last summer I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine in our former town.  A trumpet vine tree that had stood in our yard in Glen Elder for over 30 years was ridiculously chopped down and thrown aside after we left town.  

I had moved on and learned to enjoy my new back yard, patio and flower garden.  I have plans made for just what I will plant this year.  But to my surprise, I received the most amazing birthday gift from my sister Tami - Through the pages of Michigan Bulb Company - my dreams of having another trumpet vine beauty was coming true!   The email said that two trees - one yellow and one orange would arrive on my doorstep when it was time for planting!  

Thank you again Dave and Tami for thinking of me - I will treasure this for years to come.  Tami also gave me careful instructions on how to ride reign on the trumpeteer - - - they can get wild and crazy out of hand - they must be mastered - and so I will be soon looking for just the right place to plant.  

And to those in my family whom I shall leave nameless . . . who found the trumpet vine masterpiece in Glen Elder to be a nightmare of wasps and flowers just right for exploding with firecrackers - - - there will be plenty more fun now that I am back in the business of mothering the tree of all trees!  

Clay worked hard today - Easter Sunday to replace some old trellis with some new bright white trellis.  We think this might be a great place for the new trumpets to begin to grow.

           My son-in-law and daughter soooooo happy to hear about the return of the trumpet vine!!

Beautiful orange and yellow blooms against the white - oh just picture it!!

Grow little fella's


  1. You are so welcome! And so happy I could cause those stern faces. :) Can't wait to see how your new trumpet vines thrive and grow.

  2. Can't wait for pictures of your trumpet vines this summer!


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