Thursday, January 9, 2014

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them ... Readathon Day #1

So says Lemony Snickett! I'm excited to kick off the weekend - yes - on Thursday even - with plans to rest and read. That's it. A simple plan and I pity the man who gets in the way of my plan! Jokes aside - Tami challenged me to a Sisters Readathon because we let the deadline squeak by on another very informal readathon going on on a friends blog. Over 750 had signed up to read! So we quickly decided that we would have our own. Tami invited me to drive up to Green Acres for a girls night - which I am considering still - but with getting over the influenza I know it would be smarter to stay home - stay quiet - read and rest. So here we go on one of our favorite things - - Any good readathoner knows that you try to "get things ready". How much preparing does it take to sit and read you might ask? It's different for all types - some like to have the house clean so they feel guiltless pleasure in reading hours on hours. Others plan the readathon for when the family is away for the day. I'm sure some just plop in their comfy book reading nook and off they go on the merry road to anywhere - in a book.

For me, I'm the first gal who needs to ease the guilt of reading all day by being prepared! I will plan to have a meal planned for Thursday night - something easy and done ahead. A bubble bath possibly and then the reading will begin. I will make sure the laundry is done. I will have healthy snacks, diet coke, and my favorite teas and coffees to keep me going! Join in the fun! I have chosen "Talk Before Sleep" by Elizabeth Berg. I plan to start the evening with my devotional reading for the day and then crack into the book. Like any good readathon - there is always a challenge, puzzle, or thought provoking question right?

So to kick off the Sisters Readathon - consider this question and leave a comment here! Feel free to join us for the readathon - just grab your book and prepare for the weekend! Two short evenings of reading pleasure topped off with a leisurely day at home on Saturday! Here's my random question:

You know how people can tell you exactly what they were doing at the moment they learned of JFK's assassination, or the Challenger disaster, or 911, etc.? I have always found that interesting. So - here's a twist on that phenomenon: Tell about the most exciting thing that has ever happened to YOU and what book you were reading at the time!! Wait - I know that sounds stupid - but hear me out - - - Is there a time that something happened in your life and you can still remember exactly what book you were involved in at the time? Think on that . . . Blessings in sisters and books!  

Be sure to stop over at Tami's blog to learn what she is reading this weekend and for her challenges for us!

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  1. I'm in the crowd that doesn't require much prep. Since I'll be "Home Alone", I don't have to worry about meal prep. I did finish my latest quilt/blanket last night so I will have it for snuggling. A quick stop for take-out on the way home and I'll be ready to read by 6:00.

    I'll have to ponder your question a while. I'll report in a post later.


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