Thursday, January 16, 2014

Old Things - What's the pull?

Earlier this week I had to travel out of town for training for work.  When I finished up that afternoon I decided I wanted to check out a corner antique store downtown.

The minute I walk in to an antique store - I feel "something".    My sister has recently been finding some really neat treasures at her local antique stops - a pedal-tread sewing machine, vintage materials, and a unique card table.  She has great uses for them and they look great in her home!  Maybe that is what lead me back to this store that I had visited a year ago when I was looking for an old magazine rack for a Pinterest project - remember here.

Yesterday I spent two hours winding through room after room after room of anything you can think of - they had it there.  Three levels of dishes, cook ware, baskets, toys, jewelry, clothes, purses, quilts, tablecloths, books, NO I can't even do it justice by trying to list things here.

I found some really fun things - I purchased a couple of items that I won't reveal here as they are gifts for someone special!  Here are just a couple of the items I loved the most:

Who didn't have one of these in their homes if they grew up in the 60-70's??  Pyrex set of mixing bowls.  My mom had the set.  And if I had 95.00 to spend - I would have had this set!  What good memories though - - - they started to flow - - - the percolator coffee pot that we had, the casserole dishes, the melimac plates, cups, and saucers.  I had to just pick them up and hold the coffee cup in my hand.  I started drinking coffee in those!  

And my favorite find!  Fisher Price Play Farm.  This set belonged to my little sister but I played with it many many hours.  How nice that she shared!  I had the dollhouse - or maybe it actually belonged to my middle sister - but somehow I felt that they were both mine.  LOVE these toys.  I would have purchased this set for 25.00 but no animals and no tractor with wagon and no fences included.  So I passed.  But I plan to search one out for "grandma's toy box".  It's a must have!!!

So now that I have shown you some of my finds - please tell me what the feeling is that I experience when I visit these shops?  I tried all afternoon to put my finger on how I was feeling?  Is this nostalgia I asked??  Am I melancholy??  Am I fighting the aging process?  Am I sad because these days are long gone?  It hit me that my kids and my grandkids would probably feel nothing when looking at these things.  BUT that would be natural correct?  They would feel nostalgic about all different kinds of things.  

There is something sad, sweet, fun, and heart-warming about revisiting these pieces of my history.  I have had the most fun with a Pinterest board - found here - where my sister Tami and I have continued to collect things that were part of our childhood.  

Can you explain the feelings to me?  Did I have such a great childhood that I remember all of the things I used to have?  We didn't have everything we ever wanted as a child I'm sure - but we had things and they meant a lot to me.  Maybe I'm just overwhelmed with thankfulness and gratitude for the childhood I did experience!!   Let me know how you feel when "antiquing"?  Does anyone share the strange emotions?  

Happy Memory Seeking!!

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  1. There is a sign in my local antique store that says "Grandma had it. Mom threw it out. I bought it back." I think the draw - for me at least - is things that have a story. I like to image who used these things before.

    I am also fascinated (or obcessed?) with the 1950's and early 60's because I think it was a better time - simpler and more gracious.

    Whatever the reason, I love the walk down memory lane. Glad you enjoy it too.


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