Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have a good job.  I like the work that I do and I like working in health care.  I don't normally talk about work on my blog because I don't think it is professional to do that.    Especially not if I were to talk about my stresses at work.

So....I am making an exception this year because "stress free work" is one of my seven focus areas for 2014.  

I work in an office with several other women.  I would rate us rather high on the scale of how we get along.  Recently we have done the unthinkable, the one thing I hope to never do again, and that is a  computer conversion.  Changing our entire life at work.  And nearly two years later, I feel we are now able to take a deep breath and go back to breathing normally.  

We have recently had some staffing changes due to retirement, and have said farewell to some very deserving co-workers.    The new staff seems to be moving forward with ease and it is exciting!

As the supervisor, it's time again for me to have some FUN!  For all of us to have some FUN!  We nearly forgot how during the dark period of the computer conversion . . . 

So for fun in 2014 at work we are going to focus on making each day "amazingly awesome".  I took the idea from my new calendar "Wacky Up Your Life" Ridiculously Simple Ways to Change Your Life.    For instance - who knew that January 8th was National Bubble Bath Day??  We are soooo celebrating that!!  Even though just a few days late - we will all be getting just a little sample of bubble bath for a relaxing soak!  

Each new month will bring to light a little known holiday that we have been missing!  But not in 2014!

Part II of my plan for adding some fun touches to work this year will be announced here on my blog at a later time . . .

Do you like your job?  What would make it better?  When was the last time someone thanked you for the work you do?  Do you feel like a valued part of your team?  I would love to hear from some of you out there in the work force!

But excuse me . . . gotta go . . . I'm taking a bubble bath . . .

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  1. Wacky-ing up life sounds like so much fun! Hope you post about all the wacky things you do at work, so I can join in from a distance.


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